Quiz: Can You Name All of These Vehicles in French?
Can You Name All of These Vehicles in French?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Wiki Commons via Mcassonnet

About This Quiz

Bonjour! Calling all car lovers out there! Car lovers who are also French proficient, that is! Do you think you can challenge yourself enough to take on this special vehicles in French quiz? Try, try, try!

For travelers, this ought to be fun. Imagine traveling in France or in other French-speaking places. Of course, the very first things that you would try to learn there will be basic words and phrases. This is a basic survival guide skill needed for traveling to any foreign land! So learning a few French words pertaining to vehicles and to major public transportation details ought to be a high priority! 

For car enthusiasts, this is also a good time to test your knowledge of different vehicle types. Learn how they are said in French! Or learn how the French also name their car brands, makes, and even companies to reflect an interesting identity. Some of these brand names and trademarks have accompanying translatable words compounded with them, though. So it should be fun to guess what they mean, right?

So rev up and let's do this quiz! Allez!

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What’s the general term for this vehicle?
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What do you call this top-down?
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This Renault model is indeed captivating. What’s the name?
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What is this one called?
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This is generally known as what?
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We call it a lorry, but the French call it a what?
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This one’s easy. What’s it called?
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This Venturi model shares its name with an ocean. Which one, said in French?
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This fast-moving vehicle is called what?
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Quick, what is this encore?
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Such a huge win for Citroën, this one. What’s the model name?
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A hauler is called what in French?
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What is this very common public transport?
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The brand for this Berliet is similar to this female aquatic animal. Which one is it?
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It’s like entering a holy temple, but what’s the name of this French car manufacturer?
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What is a van called in France?
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What’s this two-wheeled ride called?
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Renault offered this spacious car called what?
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Venturi is not very happy with some models, but they came up with this! What’s it called, ironically?
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Can you translate "tractor" in French?
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What do you think they call this moped in France?
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Exagon has the token winning word in this brand. Which is it?
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A tow truck is called what?
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Citroën has this newbie-named vehicle. What’s it called?
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The typical motorcycle is known as what?
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This long commute is known as?
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DLC has this as an ideal model. What’s it called?
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For scooping up during winter, this vehicle is called what?
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The subway is called what?
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It may be ideal for long rides, so Renault named this model as what?
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It’s not what you think! This old horse-drawn thingie is called what?
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DLC named this one after a hunter from Greek mythology, named as…?
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It’s the term they use for this saloon. What is it?
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Peugeot may have been thinking of the old pager when they created it. What’s this called?
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Renault likes Homer. What’s this model called?
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This Microcar sounds like bling. What’s it called?
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Technically, it should mean four-wheel drive. What’s this Citroën model called?
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Renault may be thinking of a huge ship with this one. What’s it called?
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