Quiz: 95% of People Can't Figure out These 2000s Movies From Their All-star Cast List. Can You?
95% of People Can't Figure out These 2000s Movies From Their All-star Cast List. Can You?
By: Jouviane Alexandre

About This Quiz

Mutants, unite! Dreamgirls, unite! Transformers, unite!

During the 2000s, it seems like a lot of people and things were uniting, but we're interested to see if you can become one with this quiz!

The 2000s was a big decade in film. The science fiction world came to life with film series such as Harry PotterLord of the Rings, and X-Men. Movie musicals were all the rage with Dreamgirls and the 2002 Oscar's Best Picture winner Chicago. The decade also brought one of the highest grossing films of all time Avatar to the big screen.

These films are not only ingrained in our memories because of their exciting plot but who could forget the amazing actors and actresses who portrayed the characters? Of course, Harry, Ron, and Hermione came to life, but what if the Harry Potter directors had chosen a different trio? Who is Wolverine without Hugh Jackman? Would the mutants have come to life without the talented Halle Berry or James Marsden?

While many of these films are born with incredible plots, it's the actors and actresses that make it all believable. They transform themselves into their characters and their combined talent form a fantastic film.

The 2000s were filled with ensemble casts. Can you narrow down these blockbuster hits from their shining stars? Let's see if you're ready for the big screen!

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