Quiz: Can You Name the '80s Movie From a Single Hint?
Can You Name the '80s Movie From a Single Hint?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Paramount Pictures

About This Quiz

The 1980s was a very interesting time in America, and it was certainly interesting in the pop culture arena as well.

With so many changes happening in the domestic scene and in the international scene as well, it's no wonder that the pop culture products of that time also reflected the issues and concerns of that specific era. Even if many of these films tried to "hide" their versions of realities in comedic or sci-fi stuff, it's not such a surprise to see that, upon closer reading, there will be bigger reveals in these plots than meets the eye.

But of course, not everything '80s is that serious. In fact, there was also a lot of hanky-panky, a lot of goofing off, and a lot of slacking as well. The films also tried to represent those qualities as well. Thus, you have a lot of interesting comedies depicting characters that you may find or encounter in real life. In fact, you can actually find yourself depicted in such films as well!

No matter what kind of issues or concerns these films show us, they nevertheless turned out to be timeless and classic. That's why it's really so fun to watch them, over and over, again and again, as that '80s song also said. 

Test your cinematic skills for the '80s, OK? Go go go!

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