Quiz: 93% of People Have Trouble Remembering These '90s Movie Classics. How Will You Do?
93% of People Have Trouble Remembering These '90s Movie Classics. How Will You Do?
By: Jouviane Alexandre

About This Quiz

Hasta la vista, baby!

The '90s were a great decade for movies; producing memorable stories and facilitating more than a few technical achievements. In fact, the '90s are often considered by many to be the decade that bridged the gap between contemporary classics and the era of the modern blockbuster. 

However, the '90s weren't all great when it came to filmmaking. In fact, there was a dramatic rise in the amount of low budget independent films - which more often than not turned out to be subpar B movies. Don't worry; in our '90s movie quiz, you will only find the best that the decade had to offer!

The '90s was also the decade where CGI technology finally came into its own; giving us films like "Jurassic Park," "Terminator 2: Judgement Day," and "Toy Story," which was actually the first fully CGI feature-length film! An honorable mention goes to Disney, who entered the "Disney Renaissance" during this decade. Starting with "The Little Mermaid," reaching critical acclaim with "The Lion King," and ending on a high note with "Tarzan."

So get your popcorn ready and let's go back in time with this quiz, to one of the best decades in film!

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