Quiz: Can You Name the Beauty Tool from a One Sentence Description?
Can You Name the Beauty Tool from a One Sentence Description?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: EmirMemedovski/E+/Getty Images

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Some days you wake up and it's like "I am straight up looking fine today" and you are just ready to take on the world. Other days you get up and you are just not feeling it at all but you still need to get out there and do your thing. What are you going to do? You can't just apply some kind of real-life filter to yourself. Or maybe you can, sort of. The world of makeup and beauty supplies is there for a reason! Because sometimes you just aren't feeling that natural look and want to give yourself a little twist or an edge you wouldn't normally have.

The crazy thing about the whole entire universe of beauty tools is that there are just soooo many of them. Like too many, even. Hundreds of brushes and tweezers and combs and clippers and files and... It's exhausting. If you're down with beauty tools though, maybe you consider yourself an expert. Maybe you know everything we're about to throw at you. Maybe you could name each and every one of these items based on nothing more than a single sentence description! If you think you have what it takes, then let's go on a beautiful trip through this quiz and see.

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This tool moves skin back away from your fingernails to help them grow stronger. What is it?
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If you're worried about damaging your hair when you try to detangle it after coming out of the shower, you should use this tool. What is it?
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This tool is used for cutting nails when regular clippers just won't get the job done.
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You can use this to help spread some color through your hair. What is it?
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When you want a tool that uses heat to help straighten your hair you should reach for this. What is it?
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This tool grinds and shapes your nails. What is it?
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This handy little tool is used to pluck hairs. What is it?
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This tool is used to help enhance the look of your eyelashes by coating them with a colored substance. What is it?
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It's kind of gross but sometimes you get a buildup of rough skin on your feet and need this tool to help get it all off. What is it?
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What's the pencil-like wand with a thin end you might use when you want better control over how you apply something like a gloss?
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If you're noticing an issue with blackheads then this little appliance will suck them right out of your face. What is it?
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Use this tool when you want to look like your eyes are bigger without actually using makeup!
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Use this tool to evenly sweep something like bronzing powder or a tinted moisturizer onto your face.
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When your eyeliner pencil has been ground down to a useless nubbin, this tool will get it back in shape with just a few turns. What is it?
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Getting the perfect manicure at home means you need to use this tool that has four different functions for your nails. What is it?
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When you need to see how you're looking or if your makeup has been applied correctly on the go, you obviously need this tool.
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When your makeup is already done but you see some excess oil that you want to get rid of without ruining everything else, you should use this.
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If you're low key looking to get that brighter smile, you can use these items before bed every night for a few weeks.
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When you want to soften the edges of a new haircut, you can use these scissors that look like they're half a comb. What are they?
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If you're doing your nails and make a bit of a mess with the polish, it's pretty easy to clean up with this tool that gives you greater control than just using nail polish remover. What is it?
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Sick of straight hair? Use this toasty tool to change your look by adding some curls.
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You can use this handy tool to both style your hair and dry it at the same time! What is it?
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If you need to file your nails, this lightweight double-side little file will probably work. What is it?
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When you want your makeup to look all customized and professional you may have to start making your own colors on a tool like this one.
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This tool is great for cutting hair while ensuring that the finished look has some texture to it. What is it?
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This little device will chew right through your fingernails to keep them trimmed to the right size. What is it?
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It looks like a thick, electric toothbrush and it's meant to exfoliate and rejuvenate you. What is it?
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You can give your hair more volume when styling by teasing it up with this comb that looks like it has a tiny comb on the handle. What is it?
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If you're tired of carrying around 100 different things, this all-in-one tool can take the place of a lot of makeup applicators. What is it called?
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This super versatile, disposable and relatively cheap little tool helps you apply all kinds of makeup. What is it?
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These tiny tools help you get a precise trim to ensure the absolute best nail care possible. What are they?
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There's a loop on each end of this tool that you press into your skin to force blackheads to pop out. What is it?
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This device lets you pierce your face with a whole bunch of tiny, little needles! Fun! What is it?
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Need to exfoliate in the shower? This roughly textured sponge will help you scrub off dead layers of skin. What's it called?
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These tools are probably the most important ones you have for any beauty techniques and you were born with them! What are they?
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