Quiz: Can You Name the Bible Character from Just One Clue?
Can You Name the Bible Character from Just One Clue?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Bible Flock Box

About This Quiz

Think you know the characters of the Bible inside and out? The Bible has had an untold influence on world history. It's bolstered empires, crushed others, changed lives, and led to millions of deaths over the centuries. People who believed they are acting on behalf of the Christian God have changed the world forever. In fact, a period of European History that lasted for centuries, the Middle Ages, was dominated entirely by the Church.

Many famous characters, plots, and sayings from the Bible have become such a staple of modern culture and language that many people don't even know that they are quoting or referencing the Bible when that's exactly what they are doing. The Bible is full of iconic villains, heroes, and spiritual figures that have fascinated people throughout the centuries. It was the basis of much of Western art, from paintings to novels to plays and music. Today its influence can still be felt in films, TV shows, and more, whether they are explicitly Christian in nature or not.

If you think you know your biblical characters inside and out and can guess them from only a single clue, try your hand at this very biblical quiz!

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