Quiz: Can You Name the Book of the Bible from a Single Sentence?
Can You Name the Book of the Bible from a Single Sentence?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Think you know the books of The Bible like the back of your hand? The Bible contains over 600,000 words and is spread across 66 smaller sections, which are referred to as the "books" of the Bible. These books were written by a number of different authors at different times, which can make tackling the Bible as a whole confusing due its long length, many parts, and the number of contradictions within it. In fact, Bible even means book. It comes from the Latin word biblia and the Greek word biblios, both which mean book.   

Bible books vary in length, point, and purpose. While most of the famous Bible stories come from Genesis, that is only one book in the Old Testament. There is so much more to cover and explore when it comes to the books of the Bible. The Bible contains heroes, villains, war, tragedy, triumph and more. It tracks mankind's journey from its mythical roots at the hands of God, covering centuries between the books of Genesis and John.   

If you are a true Biblical lore buff, see if you can match the correct books of the Bible to the one-sentence descriptions that belong to them with this very biblical quiz! 

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