Can You Name the Brand of These Common Household Items Based on Their Logo?

Olivia Cantor

Its brand name is essentially describing what its products are doing. What's this masculine-sounding brand?

Procter & Gamble has owned the Mr. Clean brand since the late '50s, ever since its original inventors sold it to them. Their familiar mascot, which also serves as their brand logo, was created by an ad agency based in Chicago, Illinois.

Their logo suggests that it's fun to use their product for cleaning. What action-oriented brand is this?

The bathroom cleaner with the brush logo scrubbing away is for Scrubbing Bubbles, a literal visualization of their name. The logo came first, though, because it used to be called Dow Bathroom Cleaner under its original manufacturer. S.C. Johnson & Son changed the name when they acquired the product.

This unmistakable brand refers to a baking soda, first and foremost. Can you name the brand?

Arm & Hammer is known worldwide as the manufacturer of baking soda, useful not only for cooking but also for cleaning purposes. But the brand is now actively manufacturing other products that still fall under the household items category, such as their toothpaste and underarm deodorant.

Detergents are spot-on with their laundry business, like this household item with the curvy logo. What brand is this?

When it comes to laundry detergents, it's undeniable that Tide tops them all, not only in North America, but globally as well. The bullseye-like logo is very recognizable to anyone around the world, as the brand has been around since the late '40s.

The look of that comfy logo will prompt you to do this action -- their brand's name. What's this fabric softener called?

That cute bear is Snuggle's longtime mascot, which also serves as part of its brand logo, as the bear is seen snuggling a very soft cloth. In North America, products like Snuggle are termed as fabric softener, while in other parts of the globe, they call it fabric conditioner.

That splashy image in their logo tells that this is a detergent brand indeed. What is it?

When it comes to top U.S. sales, America loves Persil ProClean since it's included in the top 10 leading detergent brands in a 2018 tally. To be included in a list that includes major players like Tide and Gain is indeed a huge achievement for this brand.

A small lightning image as part of their logo gives some push to their action-oriented brand name. What's this pest killer brand?

Raid appears to be the top insecticide brand favored by Americans in 2018, as it topped the list of most often bought and of course widely used brand in this household item sub-category. Black Flag comes in second, but it's half less of Raid's total sales number.

Stick things with this all-purpose and all-around product. What's its brand name?

The very familiar logo of Elmer's Glue is named Elmer The Bull. The original makers of this product started experimenting with glue as far back as the 1930s, and this specific product first came out in the late '40s but under a different brand name.

Personal care products like this one are part of household item lists, too. Can you name this men's care brand?

Old Spice became a prominent brand of aftershave lotion for men after its launch back in the late '30s. While they have improved their logo a bit these days, it still remains faithful in concept to the original sailing ship idea.

Pets are also included in our household, so we buy them food like what this brand offers. What's their name?

The red-and-white checkered square logo is identifiable with the Purina brand, and pet lovers are definitely familiar with their various pet food products. Some of their popular items include Purina Dog Chow and Purina ONE for the doggies, and Friskies for the kitties.

This green-looking logo is from a company that values green living. Which all-purpose cleaner is this?

The Vermont-based Seventh Generation company produces all-purpose cleaners that are environment-friendly. The company's products are manufactured with sustainability and natural resources conservation in mind.

This brand is predominantly a soap brand aimed for women. What's it called?

The soap brand called Dove indeed carries a dove bird image as part of their logo. While it's predominantly sold as a personal care brand for women, they also manufacture products for men, and even babies.

Pesky pests in the household could be eradicated by this product, as evident in their logo. Can you name the product?

When you see a logo with a stealthy-appearing cat on the prowl, it's safe to bet that this logo's brand product aims to get rid of small pests. Mice often come to mind, and the Tomcat brand indeed does that with their various mouse trap products.

Some anti-aging beauty brands feature humans in their logos, like this multimillion-dollar brand name. Do you know this one?

There are many anti-aging creams out there in stores, but Olay has proven itself in this sub-category of beauty products since the mid-2000s. In a study of anti-aging creams, their Olay Regenerist brand came out as the most effective brand in the market.

Its logo is obviously preoccupied with a specific action done by men in their hygienic practices. So what's their brand name?

Dollar Shave Club carries razors as one of their main products, as evident in their logo. They also carry other personal grooming products for men, and their marketing mode is via direct mailing, straight out of their California headquarters.

Babies in the household? This popular brand will help. What do you call it?

Moms or dads who love their babies will certainly identify with the heart logo of the Pampers brand of diapers. Baby care experts recommend this brand as the best for babies undergoing some serious potty training.

Food and beverages are also included categories in household items listings, like this popular coffee brand. Can you name it?

With the sun peeking out of mountaintops in the logo of Folgers, this brand is saying that we should all wake up when the morning sun has risen. A cup or two of their coffee brand might do the trick.

Instant oatmeal lovers would recognize this logo immediately. Which top oats brand is this?

Quaker Instant Oatmeal obviously dominates the household item sub-category of oatmeal, and it's available in most supermarkets and grocery stores. It's also a very recognizable global brand when it comes to oatmeal.

This logo can be seen in many common household appliances, but its name may be more suited for washing machines only. What's this brand?

Whirlpool is a company that manufactures washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and other commonly recognizable household appliances. The company is also proud of upholding its status as a leading LGBT-friendly corporate brand that supports LGBT customers and employees.

This identifiable brand is familiar to users of vacuum cleaners. What's the brand name?

Electrolux is a brand from Sweden, and it's known as a huge manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, but they also manufacture other household appliances. In world rankings, they come in close second, with Whirlpool being on the top list of the biggest selling home appliance brands.

One of the most popular beverage brands in the U.S. is this soda. What is it?

The round logo of Pepsi is actually a globe, and it has carried three colors ever since its inception: blue, red and white. The older versions of this soda logo used to have the brand name printed inside the logo on the white middle part, sandwiched in the middle of the red and blue portions.

Even bottled mineral water brands have stature, and this one is a luxury brand. Can you guess what this is, from its logo?

It's interesting to note that there are many mineral water brands like the French brand Évian that feature images of mountains in their logos. Another French brand, Volvic, has the image of a volcano in its logo. The U.S. brand Mountain Valley also has a mountain logo design.

Paper towels can also be magical, in a way, like this logo testifies. What's this brand called?

Sparkle features a winged fairy in its product packaging, and there's also a lone spark twinkling -- or sparkling -- on the top end of the letter S. That's why it's very visible and recognizable on grocery shelves all across the U.S.

Despite its name, it's a pet food product that caters to more than one pet. What's this brand?

Royal Canin may remind you of canines only, but they don't make pet food for dogs alone. They also have products for cats. They even have specific food products for specific breeds and ages of cats.

Air fresheners always carry cool colors in their logos, like this one. Can you name this brand?

The solid-looking green circular swirl logo of Air Wick reminds consumers of the freshness that this certain air freshener carries when used. They offer different kinds of home fragrances with various aromas such as the tropical, spicy, lavender, gourmet, fruity and floral ones.

This brand spices up our lives, and our cooking. Can you name this household kitchen brand?

McCormick is an undeniably popular brand of spices and seasonings, and it's a globally recognized brand. While the name might sound Irish in origin, the founder of this company is American. The company's headquarters can be found in Maryland where it was founded.

A popular appliance brand in the kitchen is this aptly-named trademark. What's it called?

Magic Chef might indeed help first-time homeowners in the kitchen by whipping up food items expertly. Their compact-looking countertop microwaves would certainly make cooking things easier for those who don't have huge stove ranges.

This TV brand might be more familiar to Baby Boomers as a kitchen appliance brand. What's the name?

Westinghouse Electronics now focuses on manufacturing LED and LCD television sets. But that stylized "W" logo could be seen emblazoned in other household appliances in the past, notably in refrigerators.

From its logo design alone, it's clear that this brand sells cast iron pans. What's the brand name?

Lodge Cast Iron is one of the most popular brands of cast iron cookware, specifically the cast iron pans and skillets. They also sell enamel cookware as well as carbon steel ones. The brand also carries stoneware baking dish products of varying sizes and shapes.

This household item has a cute symbolic name that reflects its product's characteristics. What facial tissue brand is this?

White Cloud is one of those facial tissue brands that has a very direct and obvious logo that directly pertains to its brand name. They also manufacture bath tissue and paper towel products.

A popular shampoo brand, you can guess its name by the design that sprouts on top of the logotype. Can you guess it?

Palmolive is a brand of bath products manufactured by the Colgate-Palmolive company. They are primarily known for their shampoo variants, but they also have soap bars, conditioners that match their shampoos, and body wash.

Yup, this food item has a detailed person in its logo. What's this flavorful brand called?

Land O'Lakes is proud to be "farmer-owned" ever since it got stablished in the early 1920s. The company is based in Minnesota, and also prides itself of being the top butter retail brand in America.

The middle image of this fruit company's logo might be suggesting that the sun helped grow their produce. Do you know this brand?

Dole is a California-based multinational company that specializes in produce, but they are mostly identifiable with their pineapples, and a close second is their bananas. They sell them fresh or packaged, like canned fruits. They also have a line of fruit juice products.

This singular letter logo is very familiar to breakfast-loving morning people. Can you name this cereal brand company?

General Mills is a familiar cereal brand company for people who always eat cereals during breakfast. Some of their globally recognized cereals include Cheerios, Trix, Wheaties, Chex and Lucky Charms. They also made Count Chocula and Franken Berry.

Looking at your home's lighting fixtures, this brand might pop out predominantly. What's the brand?

When it comes to lights and lighting fixtures, the G.E. brand is one of the most familiar brand in the world, and perhaps one of the oldest, if not the oldest one. One of its founders is the inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Alva Edison, so you know they have credibility in this department.

This brand of cleaning supplies can indeed be multipurpose, as its name suggests. What's the brand?

ArmorAll has many products that are good for cleaning cars. They have handy interior dusters, tire foam protectant, heavy-duty wipes, auto glass cleaners, wash pads, tire cleaners and many more.

The round images in their logotype might be suggesting how they address teeth issues. What's this toothpaste brand?

More than just an ordinary toothpaste, Sensodyne is a product that addresses extra sensitivity of the teeth. This product was invented in the early 1900s in Brooklyn. The pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline now manufactures it.

An outdoorsy product, many homes with huge lawns or yards might have one of these around. What's the brand?

A familiar outdoor grill brand in America is Weber, and their logo is very obvious about what product they're offering. They have a variety of grills in their company, and they manufacture the gas kind, the electric kind, and of course the classic charcoal kind of grill.

This snack line's logo includes a visual representation of one of their food items. Can you name the yummy brand?

The Planters snack line started with processed nuts when it was founded in the early 1900s. But they also expanded their offerings and created potato chips, cheese balls and cheese curls to add to their many nutty offerings.

Storage products are useful household items, like this one. What's the legendary brand name behind this logo?

Tupperware was founded back in the late '40s, so it wasn't a surprise to find it as a regular household item in the '50s and '60s. It was also one of the pioneers of the direct marketing tactic of selling products.

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