Quiz: Can You Name the Capital from a Country's Outline?
Can You Name the Capital from a Country's Outline?
By: Khadija Leon
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About This Quiz

With almost 200 countries and territories in the world, each country has its own capital city which, in most cases, is the center for finance, culture, economics, trade and healthcare. It is also thought to be the most populated city in the country as well as the most visited by tourists. There are some countries, like Sri Lanka, Yemen, Bolivia and Tanzania which have more than one capital city, each serving a specific purpose.

In our world geography class, many of us were forced to learn not only these countries' names, but also their capitals, their locations and neighbors, the language spoken and sometimes their populations. While some of us enjoyed taking this class, it was a bit of a struggle for others. How much of it do you actually remember?

How well do you know the outlines of the different countries of the world? If you were given an outline of these countries, would you be able to tell us their city capitals?  Will you identify them correctly, or will you be going back to your high school geography books? The only way to test your knowledge is to take this quiz! When you're done, ask your former classmates and friends to take the quiz!

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