Quiz: Can You Name the Car Brand From a Well-Known Fact?
Can You Name the Car Brand From a Well-Known Fact?
By: Craig
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VROOM VROOM! Put the pedal to the metal and speed right into this quiz! Throughout the last century, cars have become one of the commonalities of life. From all the domestic and international vehicles on the street, can you name the car brand from a well-known fact?

Karl Benz is often credited with the creation of the first vehicle with an engine. You can probably guess where Mercedes-Benz is from. In the United States, you'll often hear Henry Ford's name mentioned with the innovative way he combined techniques for the mass production of vehicles. We're also sure you'd recognize his last name with the car brand, Ford. 

Mercedes-Benz and Ford are just two of many vehicles that are populating the streets. Germany also has the famous BMW and luxury Maybach. Japan is known for tons of brands, some of their leaders being Nissan and Toyota. Who could forget about the American classics of Chevrolet and GMC?

With tons of popular car brands to choose from, can you name them from a well-known fact? Which Swedish brand first made air crafts before moving into the car business? At 267 mph, what is the fastest car ever made? If you can answer these questions, you're ready for this quiz!

Can you match all these car brands to a well-known fact? Are you ready to speed through these questions? Don't go too fast! You might get a ticket.

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