Quiz: Can You Name the Car Brand From Its Hood Ornament or Badge?
Can You Name the Car Brand From Its Hood Ornament or Badge?
By: Craig
Image: Wiki Commons by Lord Laitinen

About This Quiz

Symbols and badges are used to identify all kinds of products.  They are the identifying marks of brands and products all around the world.  

The automotive industry is one of the industries most associated with symbols and badges.  This industry's most recognizable brand symbols, aside from its emblems, are the hood ornaments used to adorn its vehicles. 

In fact, even if you don't consider yourself a car aficionado, we bet you can identify the maker of some of the most popular cars, simply by seeing their hood ornaments, which are sometimes also used as their logos.

So popular are these iconic ornaments, that car manufacturers have had to do away with them because they are easy targets for thieves!  Who can forget the fad that was around just a few years ago, when it was considered trendy to wear the hood ornament from a Mercedes on a chain around your neck?

Hood ornaments have mostly been replaced with badges, but they too are quite recognizable.  How good are you at knowing which hood ornament or badge goes with a particular car?  In this quiz, you have 50 chances to show just how much you know about cars and their identifying symbols.

What are you waiting for?  Take the quiz now!

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