Quiz: Can You Name the Cars Featured in These Classic Songs?
Can You Name the Cars Featured in These Classic Songs?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Prince

About This Quiz

Music stars: they're just like us! If you've spent more than a little time fantasizing about driving a dream car, well, musicians and songwriters do exactly the same thing. Many have written cars into their lyrics, by name. Sometimes they themselves are the owner/driver of the dream machine (at least, insofar as the lyrics say "I" and "me"). Other times, they're weaving a story about a lost lover or a fictional hero who's behind the wheel. 

Whatever the case, cars feature in some of the most popular songs of the past decades. Often, the car is classic American rolling steel, like the Mustang or the Cadillac. Other times, it's a sexy imported brand, like the Ferrari. The cars are as varied as the songs. Though we've leaned heavily toward "vintage" songs of the 1940s through '60s in this quiz, we also include some newly-minted classics from musical genres like rap and country western. Artists as diverse as Sia, Jay-Z and Kanye West have included mentions of particular cars in their lyrics. (Actually, we shouldn't be surprised about Jay-Z and Kanye. Hip-hop in general is known for its brand-name dropping. The most frequently name-checked car brand is Rolls-Royce, but Ferrari and Lamborghini rank high, too.) 

Are you ready? Start the engine, turn the radio up loud, and get going!

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