Quiz: Can You Name the Classic '80s Wrestler from a Hint?
Can You Name the Classic '80s Wrestler from a Hint?
By: John Miller
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

In the early 1980s, pro wrestling was a shabby D-level “sport” that had only a few fans. Then, thanks in large part to the World Wrestling Federation, cable TV and, of course, Vince McMahon, an event that once languished in the shadows sprang into the spotlight all over America. The Golden Age of pro wrestling was born.

In the '70s, wrestling was what you saw on TV if you got up before Saturday morning cartoons came on. There'd be an hour of old Three Stooges films, then an hour of "studio wrestling," then Looney Tunes would save the day.

Do you know the famous wrestlers of the Golden Age? There was, of course, that golden-haired guy at the forefront of the movement. How could anyone forget his handlebar mustache and his deep, gravelly voice booming from the ring?

>The Golden Age was a short wrestling boom — it only lasted from the mid-80s until 1992. But during that time, iconic wrestlers became worldwide celebrities. Do you remember Jim Duggan’s nickname? And do you think you know the history of the Legion of Doom?

From WrestleMania to SummerSlam, heroes and heels were enshrined in WWF lore during the ‘80s. Throw down your best DDT finisher and see if you really know ‘80s wrestling stars!

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