Quiz: Can You Name the Classic Novel from Just One Line?
Can You Name the Classic Novel from Just One Line?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you are well read and ready to put your classic novel knowledge to the test? The written word has been a part of expressing, shaping, changing, and reflecting culture for centuries. In fact, some of the characters and archetypes created centuries ago are still around today and have had a deep impact on all types of art, ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to paintings to the Netflix originals you binge from your couch. From the classic hero's journey to love triangles and terrifying monsters, all of it has been repeated again and again, often starting in an influential classic novel. 

Novels often become classics because they reflect their environment in a unique way or say something new about a time and place, maybe one that never existed at all. While some authors, like Charles Dickens, wrote with the aim of making the upper classes aware of the struggles of poor children in his city, others write for the art of it, or with the aim of playing with language itself. This is what makes classic literature so interesting. 

If you are a literature buff who thinks you can pick out a classic work from only a single line, then get your spectacles ready and try this quiz! 

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