Quiz: Can You Name the Commonwealth Country from a Single Sentence?
Can You Name the Commonwealth Country from a Single Sentence?
By: Becky
Image: The KnowledgeCrew Project

About This Quiz

How well do you remember your British history? Did you memorize each of the Commonwealth countries? Did you keep up on the changes? Take this quiz to find out if you can identify each of these 35 Commonwealth countries.

We all know that, at one time, England virtually ruled the world. And, since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, many of today's Commonwealth countries were once British colonies. Although they have since gained their independence, they remain part of what was once called the British Commonwealth in order to further the common goals of these diverse nations. Some of these goals include democracy, freedom, equality, free trade, and world peace. Queen Elizabeth II is the symbolic head of the Commonwealth of Nations, but each country governs itself.

Commonwealth countries are free to come and go, and some have even been suspended from the organization. For instance, Rwanda, originally colonized by Germany, joined the Commonwealth in 2009, but the Maldives, which joined the Commonwealth in 1982, left the organization in 2016. Commonwealth members are located across the globe and make up nearly one third of the population of the world.

Let's see how many of these Commonwealth nations you can guess. Get started now.

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