Quiz: Can You Name the Cooking Technique from a One-Sentence Summary?
Can You Name the Cooking Technique from a One-Sentence Summary?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you can stand the heat? See if you can keep your game face on in the kitchen with this quiz. From backwoods cooking to baghaar, there are so many techniques from all over the world that go into making things taste just right. Food doesn't only give us a burst of flavor, but it can tell you a lot about where a person is from and what they love. Families and friends have been gathering for meals for thousands of years, making memories and enjoying together. From simple dishes to complex delicacies that might take days to prepare, there is nothing like enjoying an amazing meal that has been expertly prepared. 

Whether it's deglazing, caramelizing or fermentation or dinner is served cooked in clay, an earth oven or a cast iron skillet, there is definitely more than one way to skin a chicken and even more ways than that to prepare and serve it. Some delicious recipes have even been handed down for centuries, even as new tools and techniques innovate the way we cook and eat all the time. If you are a keen cook with an eye for detail, put your cooking technique savvy to the test with this blazing quiz! 

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