Quiz: Can You Name the Disney Character From a Disney Pin?
Can You Name the Disney Character From a Disney Pin?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Zip-a-Dee-Doo Disney/Pin Life/Simple Geekk via Youtube

About This Quiz

The company known as Disney has their fingers in more than a few pots. And one of those pots is the trading industry. Over the years, thousands of pins have been made, and lots of them have been collected by fans who love all things Disney. Some pins are available year round and are easy to find. Others are limited edition and come out when movies are released or for other Disney celebrations. While prices start at $8.99 and stay in that range, they can go higher than $125. 

Now, we want you to try to identify the characters in these pins. We won't ask you to name the pin, because that would just be too difficult!  And with the thousands that exist, we're not too optimistic that even we can remember all of them, even just the limited editions. Instead, we're going to show you some pins and you'll have to identify who's in them. Sound good?

If you're a big pin lover and you want to test your Disney pin and character knowledge, this is the quiz to do it with. Let's see if you can ace this pin test or if you need to put a pin in it!

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