Quiz: Can You Name the Garden Tool From a Description of Its Function?
Can You Name the Garden Tool From a Description of Its Function?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

To create a perfect garden, you need to start with a perfect toolshed. And to compose the perfect toolshed, you need to first take this quiz! Gardening is not only soothing, calming and beautifying, it's also wonderful for the environment and is truly steeped in tradition and history. Many of the tools that we will explore in this quiz have been around as long as gardening itself, while others are more modern and innovative. 

Sure, you have a watering can. It's made of plastic, metal or ceramic. It helps you to effortlessly water your plants, both indoors and outdoors. It's a gardening tool that is so simple and essential that we're not going to even bother to ask you about it. But do you know what a hori hori is? (You see, you just got excited about taking this quiz.) 

What makes gardening tools so remarkable is really just how timeless they are. Take for instance the humble wheelbarrow. There have been some tweaks here and there through the ages to make the wheelbarrow perform even better, but it's essentially a perfect tool, and if you purchased one from 50 years ago, you might just find that it does the job. If not, put it in your garden for display and plant vegetables in it. We just gave you an idea, didn't we?

Enough of the small talk. It's time to take a relaxing stroll down the winding paths of this quiz. When you're done, you're going to be hell-bent on taking a trip to Lowe's and buying a CobraHead weeder.  

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