Can You Name The Generation 1 Pokemon From a Photo?

By: Monica Lee

Bulbasaur is known as "Fushigidane" in Japan. By soaking up the sun's rays, the seed on its back grows larger.

Like an ordinary reptile, this Lizard Pokémon prefers hot places. When it rains, steam can spout from the tip of its tail. What a charming Charmander!

Don't get Squirtle mad because this Pokemon will spray water from its mouth to knock an opponent down! It's also featured in the original Pokémon series.

Life would be great with Caterpie's powers. This Pokemon's short feet are covered with suction pads so it can climb slopes and walls effortlessly.

The Weedle is often found in forests, eating leaves. One wrong step and you'll feel its sharp venomous stinger that sits on top of its head.

Pidgey is a common sight in forests and woods. But don't look too closely, you'll get sand in your eyes from its quickly flapping wings.

In the Yellow version of the game, Rattata's fangs like to sink into anything and everything. And if you see one, you'll see many more as they move in large groups.

In the Red and Blue version, the Spearow flaps its short wings at high speeds to stay airborne. But in the Yellow version, Spearow is more agile, flying around quickly to protect its territory.

Keep Ekans away from Pidgey and Spearow because this stealthy Pokemon eats their eggs whole! The name "Ekans" is also "Snake" backwards.

Pikachu is the most recognizable Pokemon in the entire Pokemon universe. Known the world over, this is the adorable electrical companion that you want with you!

The Sandshrew burrows deep underground in arid, sandy conditions. Watch closely, it only emerges to hunt for food.

Nidoran can be male or female. Its poison moves are super-effective against grass and fairy, but have no effect on steel.

You have a choice to evolve Nidoran as a male or female. The difference is that the male Nidoran stiffens its ears to sense danger. And as it grows its horns, it strengthens the power of its venom.

The Zubat is found in colonies and dark environments. It also uses ultrasonic waves to identify and approach targets.

Igglybuff has a base experience yield of 39. With its big round eyes, how can you not swoon over it?

Now that's a neat trick! When born, Vulpix has just one tail. Then tail splits from its tip as it grows older and new tails are grown.

During the day, Oddish keeps its face buried in the ground. At night, it wanders around sowing its seeds.

Just like a parasite, Paras burrows to suck tree roots for nutrients. The mushrooms on its back also grows by drawing nutrients from the bug host.

Venonat lives in the shadows of tall trees where it eats insects. Like a moth, it is attracted by light at night.

Diglett lives about a yard underground where it feeds on plant roots. It's a digging machine to get the nutrients it needs, and sometimes appears above ground.

Meowth adores circular objects and shiny things. It wanders the streets every night to look for dropped loose change.

Always tormented by headaches, Psyduck uses psychic powers. But it can only use its psychic powers when its dormant brain cells wake up.

Don't try to walk this Poliwag around. It is more adept at swimming than walking. Did you know that the direction of the spiral on the belly differs by area?

Careful, one wrong look and this Mankey might turn on you. This agile Pokemon is quick to anger and will attack anything.

Although friendly, if an intruder is on its territory, this Pokemon will bark and bite. This Pokemon also attacks with fire moves.

Using its mind, if the Abra senses danger, it will teleport itself to safety even as it sleeps. And that's a good thing because it sleeps 18 hours a day!

It's not just a punch that will down an opponent, Machop is a master of many types of martial arts. This Pokemon is very powerful despite its small size.

Bellsprout knows how to survive in hot and humid places. This Pokemon also uses its root feet to soak up needed moisture while using its vines to catch tiny insects for consumption.

Watch out for its stinging acid if you accidentally hook the Tentacool. But you can do a Tentacool a favor if you find it dry and shriveled on the beach. Toss it in the water and it will revive itself!

Don't mistake Geodude for a boulder. If you step or trip on one accidentally, you'll anger this rock-like Pokemon.

Ponyta hooves are 10 times harder than diamonds. It can trample anything completely flat in an instant. And if you want to see it jump incredibly high, you'll need the Yellow version.

Although incredibly slow, Slowpoke possesses strong abilities to take down a variety of Pokemon. Its weaknesses include dark and ghost-type Pokemon.

This one is always a fun Pokemon to train. Magnemite uses moves like Thunder Wave and Thunder to shock and paralyze its opponents.

This Pokemon has two "D's" and two "O's" in its name and has two heads! Its short wings makes flying difficult, so this Pokemon runs at high speed on strong legs.

Now you Seel it, now you don't! This Pokemon may be under the water or breaking through thick ice with its horn. Seel also uses many types of water moves.

Grimer finds sucking up polluted sludge that is pumped out of factories absolutely delicious. This Pokemon also has a variety of poison-type moves.

Watch this Pokemon carefully, because when its shell is open, it is vulnerable to attack. But when closed, the hard shell keeps its tender body safe and sound.

If you like sly Pokemon, then you'll want to capture one of these. Gastly is almost invisible, and in battle, it cloaks its target with gaseous fumes and puts the opponent to sleep without notice.

Did you know that portions of an Onyx's body are as hard as a diamond? This Pokemon also evolves into Steelix.

The heads of this Pokemon attracts to each other and spins around to confuse its enemies. There must be six heads for it to maintain balance.

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About This Quiz

When Red, Blue and Yellow Pokemon games soared to the top of the video game craze, the Generation 1 Pokemon were known to all. But now there are many versions of the classic Pokemon games, including Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green and Pokemon Go! The question is, can you go back to when it all started and remember each Pokemon of Generation 1? These are the basic Pokemon that took time and effort to evolve through training. You had to memorize their strengths and weaknesses to be the victor when battling other Pokemon.

Everyone has a personal favorite from the Red, Blue and Yellow games. Usually, the most loved was Pikachu, but many types of Pokemon have since come along in the TV show and in the games. There were also unusual types of Pokemon, such as Nidoran, which could evolve as a male or a female. So, do you think you have what it takes to become the next Pokemon master? Take this quiz now and see how many you can guess right. Gotta catch 'em all. Pokemon!

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