Quiz: Can You Guess The Gen 1 Pokemon From a One Sentence Description?
Can You Guess The Gen 1 Pokemon From a One Sentence Description?
By: Brandy
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About This Quiz

Do you know, love, and maybe even collect all of the original Pokemon? Take this quiz to find out just how much you know about them.

Pokemon is a game developed by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori for play on the Nintendo Gameboy. First appearing in 1995, the franchise has now blossomed into games, movies, television, cards, merchandise and more. There are now seven generations of Pokemon. The franchise remains the second best seller of all time, just behind the more popular Mario Brothers.

The first generation of Pokemon includes 151 species, including Bulbasaur, Venusaur, Charmander, Charizard, Squirtle, and Pikachu, the mascot of the entire Pokemon franchise. Many of the first-generation Pokemon were based on real life critters, such as a pigeon (Pidgey), rat (Rattata), snake (Ekans.. see what they did there?), and seal (Seel). Each species has an English and a Japanese name.

So, if you know the fire type Pokemon that evolves from Charmeleon, the normal type Pokemon that carries a baby in its pouch and a water type Pokemon that looks like a seahorse, then this quiz is for you. If you don't remember these, go buy a deck and refresh your memory.

Take this quiz to see if you can catch all the Pokemon.

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