Quiz: Can You Name the Greek Gods and Goddesses?
Can You Name the Greek Gods and Goddesses?
By: Becky
Image: PhotoTalk/ E+/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Was Greek mythology one of your favorite subjects in school? Did you become so engrossed in the dramatic stories of these deities that you even took out books from the library so you could read more about them at home? Have you settled in for a night of Netflix and gods and goddesses so you could binge watch every movie there is that includes Greek mythology? If you answered yes to any, preferably all, of these questions, you just might be able to name all 35 of the Greek gods and goddesses included in this quiz. Do you think you are up to the challenge? Let's find out.

Although it is often easy to confuse the numerous Greek gods and goddesses with the equally numerous Roman gods and goddesses, it's worth becoming familiar with them if only to enjoy and become engrossed in their godlike, but often all too human, exploits. Their stories are often hard to believe, yet put into the context of a civilization trying to understand how they fit into a world that seemed seriously mysterious, the Greek gods and goddesses make sense. If only for sheer entertainment value, you've got to read up on the stories, if you haven't already.

So, take a few minutes to refresh your memory with Google, and let's find out how much you remember about Greek gods and goddesses.

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