Quiz: Can You Name the Home Planets of These Star Trek Civilizations?
Can You Name the Home Planets of These Star Trek Civilizations?
By: John Miller
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

Since the 1960s, the “Star Trek” franchise has fed its fans’ imaginations with an unending number of fictional aliens, cultures and worlds. The engrossing level of detail means Trekkies can discuss (and argue about) countless interconnecting storylines and nitpick on even the most minute aspects of alien society. The same goes for the home worlds of the aliens that populate the scripts.

You already know many of those planets by heart. Vulcan. Risa. Tellar Prime. Turkana IV. All of them play major roles in “Star Trek” plots at one point or another. Do you know which species call which planet home?

We could start with, say, Sol III, which is also known as Terra. You might simply call it Earth. Earth is the home planet of a complicated species of creatures called Humans. It’s also politically important as the capital of the United Federation of Planets, which is located in Paris.

It’s pretty easy to match Humans to Earth. But what about the rest of the “Star Trek” universe? Do you have any idea where the Romulans came from? How about Tribbles? Everyone knows where the Klingons call home… you do, too, right?

Don’t use your Tricorder to cheat on this quiz, otherwise, we’ll transport you to the surface of Elba II. Settle into the captain’s chair and see if you can match these aliens to their “Star Trek” home planets!

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