Quiz: Can You Name the Iconic Biblical Figure From a Hint?
Can You Name the Iconic Biblical Figure From a Hint?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

When it comes to memorable characters, the Bible ranks right up alongside Greek and Norse mythology, or the national epic sagas of Iceland or Wales. The Bible is full of kings, warriors, priests, and sinners, as well as ordinary people who rose to meet extraordinary circumstances. 

For example, the Bible tells the story of a heathen woman, a Moabite, who married an Israelite. After her husband's death, she remained so faithful to her Jewish mother-in-law that she is seen as a symbol of fidelity to God. God rewarded her with a husband who was part of the lineage of David, as well as a book of the Bible named for her. 

Then there's the disciple who betrayed Jesus. His actions made the words "thirty pieces of silver" synonymous with treachery. Meanwhile, the Roman judge who gave up and turned Jesus over for crucifixion gave us the expression "I wash my hands of it." 

What do you remember about the heroes and villains of the Bible? We've crafted a quiz on the important figures of both the Old and New Testaments. We'll give you one short sentence about him or her, and then four answer options to choose from. Try it now, and make your Sunday School teacher proud!

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