Quiz: Can You Name the Major Greek Gods and Goddesses From a One Sentence Description?
Can You Name the Major Greek Gods and Goddesses From a One Sentence Description?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Mega Top Tens

About This Quiz

Think you know your ancient Greek goddesses and gods? There's a whole wacky pantheon of iconic characters to contend with. Rather than any being ultimately good or evil, each are complex and have numerous strengths, flaws and complex relationships with both other deities and the mortals on earth. While these powerful characters used to define ways of life for the ancient Greeks and were considered to exist without question, it is a different story these days. Now the temples of these old gods are filled with tourists, rather than believers.    

Ancient people created gods, goddesses and belief systems to explain everything from sickness to thunder to luck to death, as they did not have the benefit of modern technology with which to explore and understand the world around them. People believed that problems large and small were caused by displeasing gods and could be fixed by regaining their favor. If there was a drought, obviously a god was unhappy and when that drought ended, it meant that the people had been able to repair their relationship with them. There was a godly explanation for everything from love, to war, to the very seasons.  

If you're a Greek mythology buff, see if you can guess these famous gods from only a single sentence! 

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