Quiz: Can You Name the Manufacturer of the Car from an Image?
Can You Name the Manufacturer of the Car from an Image?
By: Craig
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Can you imagine how the likes of Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler and Henry Ford would react if they saw today's modern cars? These fathers of motoring would have trouble identifying vehicles carrying their history. 

But would you? 

Let's test your knowledge. Can you be first to the checkered flag by identifying a range of vehicles from all over the globe? Just an image and four choices, one of which is the correct answer.

It's more difficult than you might imagine. So for the moment, put on your thinking cap. You will need it to ace this quiz, although most car fiends like yourself should get most of them right ... most of them!

From a car marketed just for women in the '50s to an iconic off-roader with a World War II pedigree. What about one of the most expensive cars ever produced or a range of models named after an ex-president of the United States? Don't forget a vehicle named after a sword, sleek luxurious German lines or a pure electric model. 

Although some may have you stumped for a while, your car knowledge will see you first over the finish line, taking the checkered flag and all the glory as you ace the quiz.

The lights are green! Floor the pedal and go, go, go! 

What are you waiting for! 

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