Quiz: Can You Name the Military Leader by Their Nickname?
Can You Name the Military Leader by Their Nickname?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

In the fog of war, some men make themselves crystal clear – they either become icons of the age or they become objects of lasting derision. From the American Revolution to the Civil War, or the World Wars, heroes and goats fill the history books, and their men give them appropriate nicknames that often serve as reminders of their glory … or their failures. In this quiz, can you match these nicknames to the correct military leaders?

We know you’ve seen many of these nicknames before. “Old Hickory” and “Old Blood and Guts” were two of America's most famous generals, and they were alike in many, many ways. But do you really know which man was which?

In the Second World War, Lt. Gen. James Gavin became known as "Jumpin' Jim.” That’s because he was one of the pioneers of airborne attack methods, creating some of the tactics that the Allies used to airlift men into Normandy and beyond.

Germany had heroes, too. In WWII, Capt. Michael "Black Baron" Wittmann was feared as one of the best tank commanders of the entire war, as he destroyed 138 enemy tanks.

There are many other famous men in conflicts the world over. Let's see if you know the nicknames of these titans of war!

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