Quiz: Can You Name the Most Famous Military Strategists of All Time?
Can You Name the Most Famous Military Strategists of All Time?
By: John Miller
Image: Lionel Royer

About This Quiz

When human beings set out to kill each other, the results are often predictably messy. When adrenaline, fear and bullets collide, battlefield mistakes may culminate in unnecessary slaughter – and ignominious defeat. But the best military leaders have a way of balancing all of the variables of the fog of war. Not only do they win a lot of battles, they often do so even when their men are outgunned and outnumbered. In this five-star quiz, do you think you can name the brightest military leaders in world history?

Not all most famous military generals are masterminds. Take George Washington, for instance. He’s often regarded as the Founding Father of the United States thanks to his command of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. But the wig-topped dynamo actually lost a lot of battles. It was his hard-nosed persistence (and willingness to accept help) that handed General Washington his ultimate victory in the Revolution. Do you know anything else about lucky leaders of the past?

There are a lot of other famous names in the annals of warfare. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Isoroku Yamamoto to Bernard Montgomery, these men held the fates of millions of soldiers and innocents in their hands. More often than not, they succeeded. Other times, their iconic careers ended in flames. 

Pin those five stars to your uniform and take this quiz about famous military leaders. Maybe you’ll be a hero to your troops, or perhaps you’ll be stripped of your command and thrown into the nearest POW camp!

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