Quiz: Can You Name the NFL Quarterback from a Hint?
Can You Name the NFL Quarterback from a Hint?
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael A. Lantron, USN

About This Quiz

When you picture the NFL or think about your favorite team in the league, what comes to mind? Is it the mascot or the team logo? What about the head coach with his clipboard and visor? No, that's not usually the case. In reality, it's the team's quarterback who comes to mind, the face of the franchise as they are often referred to. 

Why should that be surprising, though? After all, they are the leaders on the team; they orchestrate the offense; they are often the highest-paid players. In short, the quarterback has a lot of responsibilities, and fans often treat them that way. Quarterbacks are cheered for when they perform their duties well, and they are booed off the field when they give subpar performances. It's a lot of pressure, of course, but that's the reality of being a quarterback in the NFL. 

How well do you know the quarterbacks in the NFL, both the stars and some of the lesser-known players? Do you know which quarterbacks were drafted in the first round? Can you remember who was selected to a Pro Bowl or who won an MVP award? Here's your chance to find out. We will give you a hint, and you tell us which quarterback it is. Get started and put your knowledge of quarterbacks to the ultimate test! 

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