Can You Name the Olsen Twins Movie from a Screenshot?

By: Khadija Leon

Twin sisters Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in the 1992 film, ‘To Grandmother’s House We Go.’ In this movie, the girls star as two troublesome twins who are kidnapped after leaving their home for their grandmother’s house, once they discover that their mother is frustrated with their naughty behavior.

In the film, "Switching Goals," Sam and Emma are two sisters with very different personalities, but their mutual interest in sports drives them to devise a plan that will enable them to play for whatever team they prefer. However, when their plans go awry, the girls learn a few things about each other.

When two young girls meet and discover that they are actually identical twins, they put their heads together to target a mutual problem: their guardians. Alyssa (Ashley) despises her father’s self-centered fiancé while an orphaned Amanda (Mary Kate) is worried about being adopted by the wicked Butkises.

Kelly and Lynn Farmer are a pair of twins who learn a dark family secret: their aunt Sophie has been banished to the netherworld by her wicked sister Agatha. The girls begin a search for the moonstone that will stop the curse and save their aunt’s life.

Twin sisters, Chloe and Riley Lawrence, travel to the United Kingdom to represent their school at the International Model UN competition. Ambitious Chloe wishes to excel while Riley has her eyes set on Brian, her sister’s teammate.

Emily and Tess Tyler are two sisters with a great love for their widowed dad, Max. They long for him to find a partner and soon form an alliance with their friend Cody to create a billboard to advertise their dad’s status and attract suitors. Things begin to look up when Max begins dating, but the girls must now deal with another threat, their dad’s business partner, Nigel.

Shane and Elizabeth Dalton are two estranged sisters who reside with either of their parents who are divorced. The girls’ conflicting personalities are brought to the forefront, when a producer places them on the same team for his televised quiz show, The Challenge.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen portray Melanie and Allyson Porter respectively, as identical twins who visit their Grandpa Edward in France. They become bored with their assigned caregiver, Jeremy, and soon ditch him for the company of two French boys.

During the winter break, Madison and Alex Stewart vacation in the Bahamas with their parents where the girls learn a lot about romance and friendship when they become wrapped up in their own love triangles and their friend is wrongfully arrested.

Mac, Sidney and gang leader, Hatchew, are on the hunt for two witnesses: twin sisters, Maddie and Abby Parker, who witnessed them robbing a museum. The robbers eventually follow the girls to Sydney, Australia where they are hiding under the witness protection program.

Twin sister Jane and Roxy Ryan travel to New York City to pursue their dreams; ambitious Jane intends on securing a scholarship abroad while free spirit Roxy longs to meet a rock band. However, when their plans are thrown off course, the girls must join forces to attain their goals.

Soon after traveling to Rome to participate in a summer intern program, teenage sisters Leila and Charlie are fired and subsequently rehired. The sisters must learn responsibility to keep their jobs, while navigating the troubles of the working world and crushing on cute boys Ryan and Paolo.

Young Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen star in this comedy western film as sisters who visit their mother’s godmother ranch. Natty the godmother, is worried about investors bearing down on the failing ranch and invites the girls and their dad over where they work together to save the ranch from closing down.

As part of their celebrations for their upcoming 16th birthday, Taylor and Kylie Hunter plan a trip to Salt Lake City with their friends to witness the 2002 Winter Olympics. However, numerous mishaps soon follow the group, who must race against time to make things right and make it to the games.

Mary Kate portrays diehard vegetarian Shane Dalton, whilst her sister, Ashley portrays Elizabeth Dalton, an ambitious A+ student. In the film, their lives collide when they are placed on the same team for a quiz competition. “The Challenge” was the twins' last direct to video production.

Twin sisters, Amanda Lemmon and Alyssa Callaway, have recently discovered their mutual desire for a happy home. Alyssa wishes to be rid of her dad’s obnoxious fiancée while an orphaned Amanda dreads being adopted by a notoriously wicked family.

When Chloe Lawrence, leader of her school’s Model United Nations team, receives a great opportunity to represent her school in London, she is elated. Her twin sister Riley, tags along when a member of her team can’t make it. Together, the girls juggle sightseeing trips around London, and new romances.

While vacationing in the Bahamas, twin sisters Madison and Alex Stewart discover an illegal trade involving stolen artifacts. The drama continues when Alex and the privileged Brianna Wallace, rival over the same love interest, Jordan, while Madison is wooed by Scott. In the end, the girls learn how to a navigate their love lives and save the day.

Max Tyler is a widow and the father of twins, Emily and Tess Tyler. When his daughters advertise his single status on a billboard, Max finds many potential suitors and begins dating Brooke. His business partner, Nigel, is not impressed, and it’s up to his daughters to save the day once again.

Sarah and Julie are a pair of twins who decide to run away from their home and their frustrated mother. Their journey to grandma’s house is cut short when two comical robbers kidnap them for ransom. Their frantic mother, Rhonda, teams up with the delivery man, Eddie, to bring the girls home safely.

Twin sisters Leila and Charli’s internship at a fashion institute introduces them to the working world. They find trouble as well and are soon fired. They also make the acquaintance of cute Italian boys and Mr. Tortoni, who sabotages their job by stealing designer dresses.

Jerry Stanton is a soccer coach and father to Sam and Emma; two sisters with a great love for the sport. Sam wishes to join his co-ed team while Emma wants to become a better soccer player. However, when the girls realize their dad has other ideas, they come up with a plan to get their way once and for all.

A stolen car and the wrong plane ticket are two of the many inconveniences faced by twin sisters Taylor and Kylie Hunter in the movie "Getting There." It takes place on their journey to Salt Lake City with their friends who all want to attend the Olympic Games. Finally, the girls receive help from a kind stranger, but will they make it in time?

When twin sisters Maddie and Abby Parker witness a robbery at a museum, they are soon placed in the witness protection program. When the FBI sends them to Sydney, Australia as a last resort, the girls are tracked down by the thieves.

Don and Christine Farmer are a couple whose massive debt puts them at risk of losing their family home. Their twin girls come to their rescue by reversing a wicked spell placed on their Aunt Sophie, in hopes that she will also assist their parents.

In this 2004 film, twin sisters Jane and Roxy Ryan find themselves in the midst of a series of unfortunate events in New York, when they visit the city to pursue their dreams. Though the girls’ personalities often clash, they decide to put their differences aside.

Teenagers Melanie and Allyson Porter are twin sisters who envision an exciting visit to France with their Grandpa Edward. However, when their busy grandpa appoints his dull assistant as their tour guide, the girls ditch him for two exciting (and handsome) French boys.

Natty, godmother to the late Sarah Martin, invites her twin daughters and her widow to her ranch to help her save it from closure. The girls strive to help Natty to save her beloved ranch and soon discover that her rival is a lot closer to home than she thinks.

Amanda Lemmon and Alyssa Callaway are a pair of twin sisters who discover their familial relationship when they accidentally happen to meet each other. Unhappy with their home lives, the two girls devise a strategy to solve their problems by helping their caregivers to meet and fall in love.

In this 1998 film, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen star as twin sisters Tess and Emily Tyler. Tom Amandes plays the role of their widowed father whom they advertise on a billboard, in hopes of finding him a girlfriend.

Two students from America seize the opportunity to travel to the UK for an international competition. Chloe is diligent and competitive while her twin sister, Riley, is a bit more spontaneous. The twins represent their school and travel through London to see all that it has to offer.

Max is the sly producer of the televised quiz show, The Challenge, who exploits the volatile relationship between two sisters when they both qualify as contestants for the quiz. The girls are placed on the same team and must put aside their differences in order to win.

Aunt Agatha is a wicked lady who, several years’ prior, banished her sister Sophie to the netherworld. When her two grandnieces learn this, they begin a frantic search for a moonstone that will bring Sophie back.

In the 1999 movie, "Switching Goals," twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen star as two scheming siblings with a love for soccer that they refuse to suppress- despite what anyone-including their father- says. The girls concoct a plan to help them to achieve their goals, both on and off the field.

Twin sisters Taylor and Kylie Hunter fear that their planned trip to Salt Lake City with their friends may never come into fruition as the group of friends encounter a bout of bad luck when their car is stolen, and they are later on stranded in an unknown town. All hope seems lost until a rich farm girl, Charly, comes to their aid.

When in Rome is a comedy film which was sold directly to video when it was released in 2002. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen star as two teenage sisters working as interns at a fashion institution. This film was directed by Steve Purcell and has a 46 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Twin sisters, Melanie and Allyson Porter, run wild and find themselves in a bout of trouble in Paris, when they travel to visit their grandpa. They manage to evade their caretaker Jeremy and still win the heart of their beloved grandpa, all in one spring vacation.

Maddie and Abby Parker may be in the witness protection program, but they can’t keep their mouth shut. After constantly being relocated to ensure their safety, they are sent to Sydney, Australia where they must stay hidden from the robbers who are searching for them.

In the film "New York Minute," two teenage sisters, Roxy and Jane Ryan travel to New York City to look after their own interests and careers. This teen comedy only garnered a little over $20 million in the box office, against its $30 million budget.

In the 2001 film, "Holiday in the Sun," Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen star as Madison and Alex Stewart- two young girls on a family vacation in the Bahamas. Their love interests in the film are played by Billy Aaron Brown as Scott, Ben Easter as Jordan, and Austin Nicholas as Griffen.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, born June 13, 1986, are American twin sisters and former child actresses who first appeared playing the role of Michelle Tanner on the "Full House" television series. They then went on to star in a number of films as well as television shows and specials which quickly made them some of the wealthiest actresses in the world. 

In their 20s, the twins stepped away from the acting scene and entered into the fashion industry where they have also built a name for themselves and an even bigger empire with their fashion line "The Row" which is worth an estimated $300 million. 

For almost two decades, these twins have created a number of films as well as starring in television shows including "Winning London," "It Takes Two," "New York Minute," "Passport to Paris," "Holiday in the Sun," "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "Getting There."

Are you still a fan of the Olsen twins and their movies? Well if you are, then you should have no trouble identifying the name of the movies they starred in just from a screenshot of the film. To see how many you can correctly identify, you can take this quiz!

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