Can You Name the Plumbing Tool from a Description of Its Function?


It's like a plumber's snake, and it helps you clear clogs in the sink or bathtub.

The sink auger helps you clear clogs in the sink or bathtub. It's like a plumber's snake and has a long flexible cable that is then coiled around the canister.

This is a soft, pliable substance, used to form reversible seals.

Plumber's putty is another essential plumber's tool. It's soft and pliable, and it's used to form watertight, reversible seals around faucets and drains.

It can break any plumbing obstruction with its hand crank and long-sleeved handle.

The toilet auger, or closet auger, is used for clogs in the toilet and works like a sink auger. It's able to break any plumbing obstruction.

It's shaped like a rubber cup and clears clogs in sinks, tubs and toilets.

Well, that was an easy one! The plunger is the most iconic plumber's tool, and one of the most important.

A Teflon tape used to seal pipe threads against leaks.

It's a simple name for a rather simple tool. Plumber's tape is made of Teflon, so that it's non-adhesive.

This is necessary for tightening and working with pipe fittings.

The adjustable pipe wrench, or plumbers key, is the most essential plumbing tool. It's absolutely necessary for working with pipe fittings.

This is rigid black plastic pipe used for drains and vent lines.

ABS, or Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, is rigid black plastic piping. It's ideal for use in drains and vent lines.

A covered opening in a wall made near a plumbing fixture.

An access panel is a covered opening in a wall near a plumbing or electrical fixture. This allows access for maintenance.

A fitting that mixes water with air.

An aerator fitting mixes water with air. These fittings help with water conservation and they reduce splashing.

This is used to prevent backflow.

Both the double check detector assembly and the RPZ are used to prevent backflow. These devices are often used to protect potable water systems in a building from contamination.

An object placed in a plumbing fixture to change the direction of the flow of water.

A baffle is an object or screen placed in a plumbing fixture or appurtenance to change the direction of or retard the flow of water. Common baffles are the ones found in a grease filter.

Was once a word for a drinking fountain like the ones you find in a park.

The common drinking fountain was also referred to as a bubbler. Today, the only old-school bubblers can be found in Wisconsin. Fun fact.

A pipe fitting used to join two pieces of dissimilar sized piping.

Bushing is a type of pipe fitting used to join two pieces of dissimilar sized piping. There are many different joining methods.

It's the piping that handles the rain and melted snow water.

Downspout piping, or storm water piping, handles the discharge of rain and snow water. When used in the interior of a building, it's made of cast iron, copper or PVC.

A device that is installed behind a finished wall and anchored to the floor to mount a plumbing fixture.

Fixture carriers are used to mount off-the-floor plumbing fixtures. For instance, wall hung toilets, urinals and slop sinks need such support.

Fittings or piping installed to accommodate future plumbing expansion.

Futures can refer to vents, and water and waste fittings. Futures, or rough-ins, help to minimize future efforts to reconfigure existing plumbing systems.

A device that causes separation and retention of oil and grease from liquid waste.

The grease trap, or grease separator, is a device used to separate and retain oil and grease. These are most commonly used in commercial kitchens, restaurants and apartment buildings.

They are nailed or screwed into a joist to hang waste, vent, and water piping.

J-hooks are used in many different industries, but they're essential in plumbing. They're often made of plastic, steel or copper.

The valve that mixes hot water and cold water.

The mixing valve is responsible for mixing hot and cold water. It then delivers water at the desired temperature.

It's threaded on both ends and is used to join two threaded fittings.

Nipples are short pieces of pipe that are threaded on both ends. They are used to join two threaded fittings.

Used to prime a p-trap.

A trap primer is used to prime a p-trap. This prevents the evaporation of water from the trap.

What's another name for a sink auger?

The sink auger is also known as the drum auger or canister auger. It's the ultimate tool for breaking up clogs in sinks and tub drains.

True or False: A sink auger can be used on a toilet.

It's false that a sink auger can be used on a toilet. In fact, you never want to mix up the sink and toilet augers.

Which is a flange plunger used for?

The flange plunger is specifically designed to be used for toilets. It's also known as a ball plunger.

For what do you use a cup plunger?

The cup plunger is designed for both the sink and the tub. It's the most common plumbing tool in the home.

What plumbing tool is made with PTFE?

Plumber's tape is made with PTFE, or Polytetrafluoroethylene. It is silky in texture and helps to seal joints to prevent leaks.

CHANNELLOCK is famous for making _______.

CHANNELLOCK is a company that is famous for making channel-type pliers. They allow you to grip pipes or other plumbing parts of almost any size.

The adjustable pipe wrench is primarily used on _______.

The adjustable pipe wrench is most commonly used on galvanized steel or iron pipe. It's not recommended for fragile pipes, like copper water pipes.

This removes the valve seats on a compression faucet.

The faucet valve-seat wrench is used to remove the compression seats on a faucet. Compression faucets are the oldest style of faucets.

A graphite or wax coated string that is wrapped around valve stems to create a watertight seal.

Faucet packing is a graphite or wax coated string that you wrap around valve stems. This helps to create a watertight steal.

Used to prevent vibration from spreading from one part to another.

Rubber washers are another essential plumbing implement. They're used to prevent vibration from spreading from one part to another.

What's another name for an O-ring?

An O-ring are also called a toric joint. It's a mechanical gasket used for creating a seal at an interface.

What you use to cut copper pipe.

The tubing cutter is essential when working with copper pipe. Copper needs a clean, square cut, and that's what tubing cutters are designed to do.

Used for sweating copper pipe or fittings.

A propane torch is essential when sweating copper pipe or fittings. This is much more convenient than using a striker or matches.

A versatile saw used to cut through metal pipe, hardware, screws, nuts and bolts, and plastic pipe.

The hacksaw serves many purposes, but it's great for plumbers. It can cut through metal pipe, hardware, screws, nuts and bolts, and plastic pipe. Sometimes old plumbing can be quite stubborn.

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