Quiz: Can You Name the Sci-Fi Vehicle From a Clue?
Can You Name the Sci-Fi Vehicle From a Clue?
By: John Miller
Image: JD Rock

About This Quiz

The list of famous science fiction vehicles stretches from terra firma into the stars in distant galaxies. But only a few brave sci-fi fans really have the right stuff to name all those legendary vehicles. Do you think you can match wits with the best sci-fi creators of all-time?

From “Star Wars” to “Battlestar Galactica” to “Star Trek,” there are a ton of “starry” ships screaming through space. Some of them, like those ending in “Wing,” are among the most iconic ships ever to appear in fiction. Others, which shall go unnamed in this introduction, are mere knockoffs of the imaginative originals.

Do you really know your Rebel ships from those steered by the evil Empire? Do you remember the name of the space haven invaded by repulsive beings in “Aliens”? And do you recall the ship that became famous in “The Last Starfighter”? All of these ships have earned their place in sci-fi lore…but we bet you can’t name all of them.

Whether we’re talking about shadowy vessels of doom or destroyers big enough to swallow stars, the universe is filled with sci-fi ships, big and small. Take our sci-fi vehicles quiz and see if you really know your fictional spacecraft!

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