Can You Name the Simpsons Character from Three Hints?
by Zoe Samuel

Ever since then-candidate George H. W. Bush was shocked by the backlash for his comment that, "Americans should be more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons," it has been understood that America loves the Simpsons. The cartoon family, colloquially known as America's First Family, is representative of a very particular type of American family that was considered the status quo at the time of its inception (or at least, at the time that its creators came of age). That is, it features a heterosexual married couple with 2.4 kids (two regular sized and one tiny one), who are able to support an entire family on the single income of a high school graduate. They live in a four-bedroom house with a yard. The  breadwinner of this unusual family is presented as a lovable loser despite the fact that he's faithful to his wife, he has a steady job in the modern economy despite not having gone to college, and he even works in carbon-free energy. 

This just confirms what we all knew all along: The Simpsons aren't really losers. They're goofy and flawed, but they're actually winning - in their own lives, as well as America's hearts. How well do you know them and the colorful cast who surround them?

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