Quiz: Can You Name the State From an Image?
Can You Name the State From an Image?
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Hawaii was the last one, but do you know which one was first?

The United States of America is fairly young as countries go; however, there is no denying just how influential it has been on a global scale. The states that make up the United States of America range from skyscraper filled places like New York to tropical islands like Hawaii; or from huge frigid landmasses like Alaska to tiny plots of land like Rhode Island. There are exactly 50 states in the U.S., the perfect number for one of our quizzes!

The United States itself is huge, but some of the states that make it up are huge by themselves as well; with some of them being larger than a lot of countries around the world. Did you know that Texas is larger than France and the U.S. is almost as big as all of Europe? In fact, the states may all be a part of the United States, but their cultural and geographical differences make each one seem like a separate country at times!

So, are you ready to go back to basics with this quiz? Look at the images of these states and let's see if your elementary school knowledge is still intact!

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