Quiz: Can You Name the Supervillain from a One-Sentence Description?
Can You Name the Supervillain from a One-Sentence Description?
By: John Miller
Image: ‎20th Century Fox

About This Quiz

In the past 100 years, pop culture has conjured countless memorable villains. From movies to comic books, these evil-minded guys and gals are the antagonists that give our heroes something -- and someone -- to fight. 

Some baddies, however, take their sinister plots too far. They are the supervillains, the empathy-free horrors who stalk our worst nightmares. In this quiz, if we give you a one-line description, do you think you can name these ultimate supervillains?

It’s easy to name some of the greatest heroes of recent decades. Think Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Superman, James Bond and John McClane. But none of these characters would embark on their legendary adventures unless they faced the darkest of foes. That’s why writers develop the nasty folks like Loki, T-1000, Keyser Soze and Gollum. 

Sometimes, the bad guys have an understandable reason for their socially unacceptable actions. Other times, they seem to embrace evil for the sake of bloody good fun. Do you really think you know the worst of the worst supervillains in books and movies alike?

Will you wield the red light saber or the green? Can you let the One Ring perish in the magma, or will you use it to lord over your neighbors? Let’s see if you really know your supervillains in this kryptonite-laced quiz!

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