Quiz: Can You Name the West Coast City From Three Clues?
Can You Name the West Coast City From Three Clues?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: ifinnsson via pixabay

About This Quiz

Some of the largest cities in the country are found along the West Coast. They're located in states like Nevada, Washington and California. Some of them are vacation spots, while others are filled with booming businesses, but all are overall great places to live, work and play. Whether you live there or you've never been there, it's likely that you at least know a thing or two about West Coast cities. Think you can guess the city from a few clues about it?

Do you know where you can find the cities that are home to the Space Needle, Caesar's Palace or Lake Tahoe? Landmarks are a great way to identify a city, and they can be pretty memorable. If you can name the hometowns and birthplaces of notable people as well, then you're that much closer to acing this quiz! History buffs might be able to identify a few cities through hints about their past as well. Well, do you think that you're up for the challenge?

If you think you can become an honorary member of the West Coast or want to prove that you know your area very well, then now is your time. Take the quiz to show what you know!

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This city is often thought of as home to the stars. It's one of the largest in the United States and is often called the "City of Angels." Can you name the city?
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Most children who live here speak a language other than English as their first. It's the birthplace of Peter Horton and where you'll find the Microsoft offices. Which city is it?
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Mel Blanc was from this city, Washington Park is easily accessible and the smallest park in the world is found here. Do you know what city it is?
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Sometimes this place is called "Hollywood of the North." It's home to the Lobero Theater, and you can visit Michael Jackson's famous Neverland Ranch. What city is it?
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This city shares its name with one in Canada, it has a prominent Native American population and Greg Biffle grew up here. Do you know the city?
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It's a city that was part of Mexico at one time, has an underground garden and was the birthplace of Kevin Federline. Can you name the city?
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Lake Merritt is a great place to relax, Tom Hanks grew up here and it's filled with gnomes. What city is it?
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This city has a forest called the Petrified Forest, Dave Wilcox is from here and Donald Duck is a sports mascot. What city is it?
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You'll find the iconic "Planet Ocean" mural here and have a chance to soak up the sun for almost the entire year. The Queen Mary is found in the city too. Can you name the city?
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You'll find Disneyland, Angel Stadium and the home of Gwen Stefani. Can you name the city?
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You can visit Carnegie Museum and the Hewlett-Packard head offices, and the Westfield Galleria is a big shopping mall in the area. Can you name the city?
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It was once known as Spokane Falls, it has a park known as Riverfront Park and "The Cutter" was filmed here. What is it?
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Here you'll find a famous pier and the offices of Hulu. It's also called SaMo. Which city is it?
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You may have visited the first McDonald's here or seen the start of the Hell's Angels. You may even know that Michael Reaves is from here. What is the city?
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This city has a high-heel shoe permit, Clint Eastwood once served as the mayor and you can get a glimpse of the Dennis the Menace Playground. What city is it?
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It's the capital of its state, it touches California and you can visit Lake Tahoe. What is the name of the city?
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It became a city in 1906 and is the home of Steve Scott. You might know the mayor to be Debbie Stone. Can you name the city?
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Sitting along the ocean, this city is also home to Balboa Park and where you can get a glimpse of the Cabrillo National Monument. Which city is it?
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The gold supply here was diminished by the early 1900s, it's inhabited by mostly military personnel and you can catch the famous Northern Lights here. What city is it?
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George Lucas grew up here, you can stop by the Castle Air Museum and it's very wine-centric. What city is it?
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You'll know it by its famous Space Needle and a vibrant market. Bill Gates also calls this place his hometown. Where is it?
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It's home to a very famous bridge and AT&T Park. It's also located in a state where there was a Gold Rush. What city is it?
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Bing Crosby was born here. It's called the "City of Destiny," and it was founded in the 1870s. What city is it?
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It's the home of the Sharks, Adobe and Mission Peak. Can you name the city?
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You can visit the Wallowa County Museum here. The city is very small, and it's nicknamed Lake City. Can you name the city?
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If you're here, make sure to check out the Strawberry Festival. Clark Gable once owned a home here, and Silver Strand Beach is close by. What city is it?
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George Wilkie was born here, it's home to a rodeo and you can find the Kittitas County Farmer's Market. Can you name the city?
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Can you name the city that is home to the Morris Graves Museum of Art, the Carson Mansion and has a marsh of the same name?
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It's quite a tropical location, Nicole Kidman was born here and you might hear the word "Aloha" pretty often. What city is it?
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You may know it as the "City of Trees," the place where Eddie Murphy grew up or the place where the almond business is booming. Where is it?
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Wells Fargo first set up shop here, it's known for its orange orchards and you can visit Hart Park. What city is it?
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The Yahoo! offices are based here, it shares its name with a fictional TV trailer park and Apple calls it home. What city is it?
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It is the largest city in this state, known for its scenery, and it's home to many large animals. Do you know its name?
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Merle Haggard was born here, it's known as the oil capital of California and you can get a glimpse at a group of peacocks. Do you know which city it is?
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It's known for being the place people go to gamble, home of Caesar's Palace and what happens there, stays there. Can you name the city?
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