Quiz: Can You Name the Western From a List of Characters?
Can You Name the Western From a List of Characters?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Warner Bros.

About This Quiz

The first Western movie was a silent film released in 1903,  called "The Great Train Robbery," featuring Broncho Billy Anderson, played by Justus D. Barnes. Who knew at that time that the Western genre would become one of the most popular film genres of all time, producing thousands of movies with several production explosions throughout history, the last occurring in the '50s, which really just hasn't seemed to have stopped yet?  

You've seen Western quizzes before. They might ask you about famous movie quotes, or the history of the Wild West that has been replayed in modern films, but this quiz is a little different. This quiz is all about the characters and the films they appeared in. For example, can you remember which movie featured the characters Mattie Ross, Ned Pepper and Rooster Cogburn? We'll give you a hint in that it's been remade a couple of times. How about a movie that's a little more difficult and featured the characters Younger Bear, Caroline Crabb and Louise Pendrake? From the insanely popular to iconic classics familiar in their time but perhaps lesser known now, we will take you through some of the greatest Westerns you've ever seen - or clue you in to movies you need to see. 

Take this quiz to see if you can figure out these Westerns from their characters. Good luck partner, you've got a rough road ahead. 

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