Quiz: Can You Name the World's Most Famous Military Bases?
Can You Name the World's Most Famous Military Bases?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

We're not going to lie; this quiz will seriously challenge you. But we know that you're up to the task!

The U.S. military has bases throughout our own country and also abroad. The long list would astound you. But we're not alone. Almost every major country in the world has bases both at home and abroad. In this quiz, we're going to explore not only the bases on our own soil, but also those that are thousands of miles away.

The military bases that span the globe are amazing hubs of activity. They're not just training grounds, but also cities unto themselves. There are housing facilities, operations, cooking and dining, and everyday living that you would find in any city across the country. The U.S. has the largest defense budget in the world, and that means our bases are some of the most advanced and remarkable. The U.S. is also the owner of the largest military base in the world, which you better believe you're going to be tested on!

The expansive military camps across the globe and here at home support populations of thousands of soldiers, personnel, retirees, and their civilian families. With so much to learn and explore, you must just be dying to get started. So build yourself a little fort, remove distractions, and take a military tour with us. It's better than a cruise.

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