Quiz: Can You Name These 30 Classic Hollywood Women Who Shaped Modern Female Film Roles?
Can You Name These 30 Classic Hollywood Women Who Shaped Modern Female Film Roles?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

About This Quiz

Think you are a classic Hollywood expert? Hollywood leading ladies have always been some of the most beautiful, glamorous and iconic women of all time. From their hair to their makeup, to their fashion and style, these women truly had the kinds of faces that would launch a thousand ships. From Bette Davis to Vivien Leigh to Marilyn Monroe, these women defined beauty for generations to come.    

Many of these women starred in iconic and award-winning films that changed the way films were made. Their innovative work both in and out of film sometimes goes underappreciated. Many of these beauties were not only iconic actresses but also inventors, humanitarians, artists and more. There is a lot more to these classic actresses than meets the eye. On top of style and grace, many of these women led fascinating lives full of drama, successes, failures, heartbreaks, twists and turns. You might say many of them led lives full of more glamour and glitz and tragic excess than their many famous films.   

If you are a classic Hollywood expert who knows your famous beauties like the back of your hand, find out if you can see their faces and get it right with this very vintage quiz! 

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