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Think you are a classic Hollywood expert? Hollywood leading ladies have always been some of the most beautiful, glamorous and iconic women of all time. From their hair to their makeup, to their fashion and style, these women truly had the kinds of faces that would launch a thousand ships. From Bette Davis to Vivien Leigh to Marilyn Monroe, these women defined beauty for generations to come.    

Many of these women starred in iconic and award-winning films that changed the way films were made. Their innovative work both in and out of film sometimes goes underappreciated. Many of these beauties were not only iconic actresses but also inventors, humanitarians, artists and more. There is a lot more to these classic actresses than meets the eye. On top of style and grace, many of these women led fascinating lives full of drama, successes, failures, heartbreaks, twists and turns. You might say many of them led lives full of more glamour and glitz and tragic excess than their many famous films.   

If you are a classic Hollywood expert who knows your famous beauties like the back of your hand, find out if you can see their faces and get it right with this very vintage quiz! 

Can you name this Hollywood beauty?

Marilyn Monroe defined the blonde bombshell sex symbol. To this day, she is one of the most famous women who ever lived and people still debate everything from her love life to her personal demons, and even to her death.


This star was known for her eyes. Can you name her?

Bette Davis was a bonafide star, known for her ability to play complex roles. She wanted to play Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With The Wind," but she lost out to Vivien Leigh.


Do you know the name of the starlet who got lost in Oz?

Judy Garland is famous for both her film roles and her tragic life. She was born Frances Ethel Gumm on June 10, 1922, in Minnesota, to a troubled Vaudeville family.


Can you name this classic TV matriarch?

Barbara Stanwyck was a film and TV actress, mostly remembered for her role as a mom on the TV Western "The Big Valley." She also acted in film for decades.


Do you know this "Sunset Boulevard" star?

Gloria Swanson was a Chicago-born star who was one of the biggest stars of the silent film era. She later appeared in film and television in a number of roles.


Do you remember the beauty who walked like an Egyptian?

Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her beauty and violet eyes. She is famous for her role as Cleopatra in the 1963 film. It was one of the most expensive films made up to that point, largely due to her $1 million salary.


Can you name the star who played Holly Golightly?

Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1929. She survived Nazi occupation of the Netherlands as a child, got her start as a model in London, became an iconic actress, and later in life became a special ambassador to the United Nations UNICEF fund, helping children in Latin America and Africa.


Can you name this film-star nanny turned Disney Queen?

Julie Andrews is known for her iconic film roles as Mary Poppins and also as Maria in "The Sound of Music." She began as a singer in England before breaking into Broadway and then musical films, thanks to her four-octave range.


Do you remember the starlet nicknamed "The Italian Marilyn Monroe"?

Sophia Loren is an international film icon, with decades of film work in both Europe and America. She was born in Rome, Italy, in 1934 and began her film career at age 16.


Which film icon was known as "the Great Kate"?

Katharine Hepburn was a great talent who still holds the most Oscar wins of any actress. Even though critics and audiences panned her for not playing the game by dressing femininely or taking interviews for a time, her many successes earned her the nickname "First Lady of Cinema."


Do you remember the name of this Swedish beauty?

Ingrid Bergman was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1915. She is tied with Meryl Streep for number of Oscar wins, with three. Only Katharine Hepburn has won more than either of them.


Do you remember this film star who was known for wearing men's clothes?

Dietrich was born in Berlin, Germany. in 1901. She was one of the highest paid actresses of her day and known for androgynous glamorous style and romancing her co-stars and artists.


Henry Fonda was the father of a famous actress with which first name?

Jane Fonda is the daughter of screen legend Henry Fonda. She was known for her risqué roles and controversial political personal life. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s she championed anti-establishment and anti-war causes.


Who co-starred in a film with Marilyn Monroe?

Lauren Bacall's film career spanned over five decades. One of her last roles was voicing the Witch of the Waste in the American dub of Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle."


Can you name this child star?

Shirley Temple was the most popular and famous child star of all time. She could sing, dance and act and got her start at only age 3. Her curls were iconic for decades.


This vintage beauty voiced a singing teapot. Can you name her?

Angela Lansbury is a star of TV, stage and film. She earned her first Oscar nod for her first role in the 1944 film "Gaslight," and she gained popular fame in the 1980s on the TV show "Murder She Wrote."


Do you recognize this star who was nicknamed "Snowdrop"?

Ava Gardner was a southern beauty turned cosmopolitan film star. She worked in both the U.S. and Europe and is remembered for her beauty and failed marriages.


Can you name this Brazilian bombshell?

Carmen Miranda was born Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha in Portugal in 1909. She grew up in Brazil, where she became a singing superstar and later transitioned into film.


Which Hollywood icon was known as "The Queen Of Screwball Comedy"?

Carole Lombard went from a successful silent film career to talkies. She was known for her off-beat character roles and platinum blonde hair. She died in a plane crash in her early 30s.


Which Hollywood royal defined flapper style?

Between 1922 and 1933 Clara Bow starred in over 40 silent films and defined flapper style. Despite many considering her to be America's first sex symbol, she lived a tragic life, including attempted murder by her own mother and periods spent in mental hospitals throughout her life.


What is the last name of this actress named Doris?

Doris Day was a prolific actress who today is an animal rights advocate in California. She acted in numerous films, mostly from the 1940s-1960s.


This starlet danced beside Fred Astaire. Can you name her?

Ginger Rogers was a sex symbol known for her dancing, sex appeal and iconic mole. She rose to fame after a troubled childhood in Missouri.


This film star gave up her career to become a princess. Can you name her?

Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to wealthy parents in 1929. She acted in numerous films beside Hollywood royalty like Clark Gable, James Stewart and Ava Gardner and was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Her last film was 1956's "High Society," after which she married the Prince of Monaco.


Many consider this actress to be one of the most beautiful women to ever appear on film. Do you know her name?

Hedy Lamarr was born in 1914 to a Jewish family in Austria. While she is remembered for her good looks and deep seductive voice, she also invented a frequency-hopping system for remotely controlling torpedoes during World War II. Today, this is used for WiFi, Bluetooth and more.


Can you name this famously blonde bombshell?

Jean Harlow made a film career after running away from her Missouri home at 16 to Los Angeles with a young businessman she married. She was famous for playing sarcastic and glamorous characters.


Do you remember the actress who starred in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"?

Joan Crawford had a rough start in Texas and a career full of ups and downs. She became famous for playing characters who suffered heavily.


This woman gave up on show business after a rocky career. Can you name her?

Kim Novak appeared in many films, like Hitchcock's "Vertigo," which were not appreciated until later or are just considered flops. Known as the Lavender Girl, she is considered to be one of the most beautiful screen sirens of all time and currently raises horses and llamas in Oregon.


This star was married eight times. Do you remember her?

Lana Turner was a talented actress. However, her management's desire to groom her to be a sex symbol and her tumultuous personal life often overshadowed her talent. A web of addiction, tragic romance, violence and murder surrounded the beauty.


Which American actress was disliked in Hollywood but embraced in Europe?

Louise Brooks' darker looks did not earn her many friends in Hollywood, even though her bob became the defining haircut of the 1920s. She really came into her own working on German films before leaving the film world in 1938.


This actress was also a playwright. Can you name her?

Mae West was a theater actor and playwright turned film star who more than turned heads. A play she wrote, called "SEX," once landed her in jail for over a week on obscenity charges. She was born into a family of Vaudeville actors.


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