Quiz: Can You Name These ’80s Action Movies?
Can You Name These ’80s Action Movies?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Twentieth Century Fox

About This Quiz

Ever since cinema was invented in 1895, it's interesting to note that action-laden movies have been in the minds of early filmmakers, even during the Silent Film Era.

Who could ever forget one of the very first successful narrative films, 1903's "The Great Train Robbery," directed by Edward S. Porter? By the title alone, you would know that this silent film classic belonged to the action genre. Plus it's a western to boot! Prior to this film, others made very short movies that showed "safe scenes" or those scenes that really didn't require much effort to put together, much less shoot. Imagine shooting an action film outdoors, with a huge camera that only exposes the film strip in merely seconds. And Porter was able to use editing techniques and shooting styles modern filmmakers still use today. That 12-minute film is short by today's standards, but it was a long and great feat that put this action film on the map of cinematic history.

Jumping back to the 1980s, do you think you can cite some of Porter's descendants here? We'll show you familiar scenes from the movies, and you guess what action flick it is! Go go go!

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