Quiz: Can You Name These '80s Sitcom Couples?
Can You Name These '80s Sitcom Couples?
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"Love and marriage, love and marriage..." If you're a fan of '80s TV shows, you would know that love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. While your favorite '80s sitcoms might've been filled with married couples, who could forget about the divorcees, crushes, and even friends with benefits? From all the lovely couples lighting up the '80s sitcom screen, can you pair off the couples?

The 1980s was a popular decade in TV. Many of the sitcoms focused on the family, but who could forget the love that was constantly blossoming on screen? Shows like Growing Pains, Roseanne, and Married... with Children featured popular married couples while viewers witnessed love bloom in Full House. Fred Savage in The Wonder Years showed us how love can grow from a simple crush to one that lasts a lifetime. From first loves to divorced pairs, can you name these sitcom couples?

In The Cosby Show, Heathcliff Huxtable was married to what successful lawyer? Jesse Katsopolis found love with which character in Full House? Golden Girls often showed divorcee, Dorothy Zbornak and her ex-husband who went by what name? Love was blooming or ending numerous times in these hit '80s sitcoms. Can you remember the romance and name all these '80s couples? Let's find out!

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Al Bundy was married to what unusual housewife?
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Kevin Arnold spent his "Wonder Years" pining after which character?
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Homer and _____ raised children, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, on "The Simpsons."
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On "M*A*S*H," "Hot Lips" Houlihan paired off with what ferret-faced character?
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Jesse Katsopolis was lucky enough to have which "Full House" character by his side?
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Dr. Cliff Huxtable was lucky to have which character as his wife on "The Cosby Show"?
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Sam's on-again, off-again relationship on "Cheers" was with which character?
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Marcy Rhoades-D'Arcy called which character "hubby" on "Married with Children"?
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Danny Tanner lost his wife, __________, as part of the back story of the show "Full House."
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Roseanne Conner was lucky enough to count which man as her one and only on "Roseanne"?
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Sondra Huxtable married what chauvinist character on "The Cosby Show"?
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Frasier Crane formed a permanent bond with which "Cheers" character?
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Roseanne's oldest daughter, Becky, married which character?
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George Jefferson gave his wife, ______, a hard time on "The Jeffersons."
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Steven Keaton was married to his soulmate, _________, on "Family Ties."
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Carla, the sassy waitress on "Cheers," couldn't resist the strange charms of which character?
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Alex Keaton lucked out when he paired with which character on "Family Ties"?
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Darlene, the complex younger daughter of Roseanne and Dan Conner, married what character on the show?
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"Cheers" waitress, Carla Tortelli, finally broke the bonds of her ex, Nick, and married who?
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Lionel, George and Louise Jefferson's son, married what character on "The Jeffersons"?
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"Family Ties" older daughter, Mallory, pairs off with which character?
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Dick and _______ Loudon of "Newhart" were innkeepers.
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George and Louise Jefferson socialized with Tom and _____ Willis on "The Jeffersons."
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Angela Bower develops feelings for what character on "Who's the Boss"?
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Dr. Jason Seaver's wife, ______, worked as a reporter on "Growing Pains."
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David Addison and _______ Hayes develop feelings for one another in "Moonlighting."
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Zack and Slater were both enamored with what character on "Saved by the Bell"?
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On "ALF," Willie Tanner was married to ________.
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Will Smith was engaged to ________ on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."
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On "Golden Girls," Dorothy Zbornak was divorced from _______.
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Murphy Brown's ex-husband's name was _______.
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Uncle Philip Banks called which character his wife on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"?
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Adorable Webster's adoptive parents were George and __________ Papadopolis.
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Julia Sugarbaker mourned the loss of her spouse, ______, on "Designing Women."
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Henry and _______ Rush own a duplex in "Too Close for Comfort."
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