Can You Name These '80s Sports Movies?

By: Olivia C

Major League is the 1989 comedy baseball hit. It’s about the Cleveland Indians.

Hoosiers is a film that focuses more on a sports coach. It stars Gene Hackman.

"The Karate Kid" has earned its place in global pop culture over the decades. It still remains a classic today.

"Cannonball Run" is a very funny race film released in 1981. It has a great ensemble of characters!

Pool hustling looked so cool with Paul Newman. But "The Color of Money" now finds him teaming up with Tom Cruise for a pool coolness partnership.

The UK film "Chariots of Fire" might be remembered more for the Vangelis soundtrack than the story. It’s about 1920s Olympian runners.

Martin Scorsese directed the 1980 film "Raging Bull." Robert De Niro is the boxer here.

"BMX Bandits" is actually an Australian caper film featuring a couple of cyclists. It stars a very young Nicole Kidman!

"Vision Quest" is a wrestling film starring Matthew Modine. But what outlasted the film was Madonna’s song featured in it, entitled “Crazy for You.”

Tom Cruise also has a high school football character in his filmography. Watch him in "All The Right Moves," released in 1983.

Kevin Costner loved to be in baseball films. His "Field of Dreams" one was the most memorable in terms of story, though.

Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield all appeared in "Caddyshack." The comedy level of this golfing film is outrageous!

The Muscles from Brussels stars in "Kickboxer." That’s Jean-Claude Van Damme for you kiddos!

"The Natural" is unforgettable due to Robert Redford. The 1984 film was directed by Barry Levinson.

It was in "Rocky III" where Balboa battled B.A. Baracus. That’s Mr. T, yo!

Bicycle motocross-riding was a huge craze back in the ‘80s. It was immortalized here in 1986’s "Rad."

Oxford Blues stars Rob Lowe during his super-cute younger years. Well, he’s still super-cute today!

"Eight Men Out" is an interesting film about game throwing. How can professional baseball players sell out a game? Watch and learn!

Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in yet another martial arts film to exhibit his fighting prowess. "Bloodsport" was released in 1988.

"Over The Top" focuses on arm wrestling. Yep, Sylvester Stallone's huge biceps are the real stars here.

Little Corey Haim stars as Lucas. He tries to become a football player in his high school here.

"Personal Best" is about track and field athletes encountering challenges and love. Only the two track women fall for each other, which was so radical for 1982’s standards.

Kevin Costner shares billing with Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins in "Bull Durham." But yeah, that’s still him playing ball!

"Teen Wolf" is the unforgettable 1985 comedy cashing in on Michael J. Fox’s popularity back then. His teen character becomes a star basketball player due to this wolfish transformation.

"The Slugger’s Wife" has an interesting storyline. It’s about a baseball player who seems to score big whenever his wife is there to cheer for him.

Goldie Hawn stars in the football comedy "Wildcats." This was released in 1986.

"North Shore" is a film dedicated to surfing. Real-life surfing legend Laird Hamilton makes an appearance here.

"No Retreat, No Surrender" is an interesting 1986 fighting film. Jean-Claude Van Damme is here, but is kinda the villain this time.

"Brewster’s Millions" is a funny 1985 baseball-themed film. It stars Richard Pryor and John Candy.

"Escape to Victory" is an interesting World War II film. Soccer becomes a pivotal sport inside a German POW camp.

"Split Decisions" is an interesting 1988 revenge film. Only this time, the revenge is within a boxing ring.

Jodie Foster appears in "Stealing Home" in flashbacks. The 1988 film stars Mark Harmon.

"The Best of Times" is a 1986 comedy starring Robin Williams and Kurt Russell. It’s a coulda-woulda-shoulda film about past glories re-lived.

"Speed Zone" is a film about car racing. It was released in 1989.

"The Baron and the Kid" is an interesting 1984 TV movie. It stars Johnny Cash as a pool hustler.

"Body Slam" is, of course, a film with wrestling or wrestlers in it. It was released in 1987.

"8 Seconds" focused on rodeo riding. The 1988 biopic stars Luke Perry portraying Lane Frost.

"American Anthem" stars a real-life Olympian. That’s Mitch Gaylord, who competed in the 1984 LA Olympics.

"Johnny Be Good" is a 1988 film starring Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr. and Uma Thurman. What a cast, eh!

"Youngblood" is an ice hockey film with Rob Lowe, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. What a hunk-fest this is!

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About This Quiz

The 1980s were one interestingly strange, quirky, exciting and ambivalent decade. Of course, everything that happened during that time is included in that characterization! Be it people, places, food or politics, everything was strange yet effective during that time.

The same is true for movies. The '80s was also a great decade for a lot of interesting sports movies. And we're not just talking about the usual movies that get made, featuring one specific "popular" sport. There are so many kinds of sports out there, and the '80s filmmakers and storytellers were quick, witty, and resourceful enough to turn these sports stories into film stories. 

It's also interesting to spot your favorite leading man, heartthrob, leading lady or veteran actor in one of these dated sports movies. While it may also date you, don't let that tiny bit bother you! These days, many young ones are also looking at past pop culture products for inspiration. So looking at '80s movies is just cool. 

So, you think you can guess the titles of these sports films by looking at some scenes? Then let's get it going!

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