Quiz: Can You Name These Actors and Actresses From Their Most Famous Character?
Can You Name These Actors and Actresses From Their Most Famous Character?
By: John Miller
Image: Fox

About This Quiz

OK, if we asked you to name the guy who made “Seinfeld” famous, we’re guessing you could come up with the answer. After all, Jerry Seinfeld played a fictional (but identically named) version of himself in the popular show. Very few Hollywood stars, however, are linked to famous characters with their own names. And that, dear readers, is the premise of this quiz.

If we throw out a famous character, say, Marty McFly – do you think you can name the actor who stepped into the famous role? He’s the same guy who played Alex P. Keaton in the popular '80s sitcom “Family Ties,” and these days, he’s also known as a staunch supporter of research for Parkinson’s disease. It is, of course, Michael J. Fox!

Let’s try a famous female. Do you remember which actress soared to fame playing Rebecca Howe in “Cheers,” the bar-based '80s TV series? She also starred in several movies, like “Look Who’s Talking” and “Drop-Dead Gorgeous.” If you said Kirstie Alley, you’re right!

A lot of actors, like Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson, have played so many memorable characters that it’s hard to identify them with just one fictional role. But in this quiz, you’ll see that some stars are inextricably linked to one character that became incredibly famous. Let’s see if you can match these actors to their characters now!

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