Quiz: Can You Name These Animals That Mate for life?
Can You Name These Animals That Mate for life?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Shutterstock

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When it comes to monogamy, these animals might just have a leg up on humans! Could we learn a thing or two from them?

Well, that depends on our motivation. You see, animals that mate for life aren't exactly smitten with each other. They don't get butterflies when they see their mate. They don't bring home flowers or show lots of affection. Animals that mate for life really have one thing on their minds... species survival. You see, mating for life ensures that their species will carry on! They breed and breed as much as they can, and when one of the partners dies, the other goes out to find a new mate just time for the next breeding season!

So where is the love? It's found in the sky, in the ocean, and in the woods! Think about wolves for a minute. It's love that creates a wolf pack and the pack protects each other and marks their territory! They grow, reproduce and survive together. Another example is the relationship between black vultures. Did you know that they actually share food with their relatives? It's like a built-in survival mechanism knowing that if you can't find food, at least you have other options, or maybe they just like potluck dinners!

Although it's not 'love' like we know it as humans, there is a method to their mating! There is a natural reason they do it and one that is truly beautiful. Are you ready to check out these mates for life? Let's see if you can ace this quiz and remember... no "cheating!"

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