Quiz: Can You Name These Biblical Kings from a Single Sentence Description?
Can You Name These Biblical Kings from a Single Sentence Description?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Boston Documentary

About This Quiz

Think you have a royal understanding of the Bible? The Bible is full of great feats and miracles, but also deaths and tragedies. Its stories contain lessons, mysteries, and some things that still puzzle scholars to this day. Some of the kings of the Bible are admirable figures with great integrity, while others are ruthless and sinful. Some are the favorites of God and others are punished horribly for their misdeeds. Some, depending on how you read the Bible, could even be both good men and bad men.

The Bible is a complex work and one with untold influence on the course of human history. Empires, rulers and politicians have used it to their advantage for centuries. Many of its characters have proven just as complex and influential. Its kings run the full spectrum, from learned men to cruel monsters. The Bible talks about kingdoms, cities and towns throughout what would become Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia. It goes most deeply into the kings of Israel and Judah, mentioning many monarchs from these places.

If you think you have enough Biblical kings knowledge to be able to guess who they are from a single sentence, then try your hand at this quiz!

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