Quiz: Can You Name These Biblical Locations From a One-Sentence Description?
Can You Name These Biblical Locations From a One-Sentence Description?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Think you're an expert on the events of the Bible? Take this quiz, and tell us where each event occurred.

The Bible is rich with stories of events, big and small. From the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, to the events that led Moses to lead the Israelites from Egypt to search for the Promised Land. If you know that Moses was born in Egypt and buried in Moab, that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and lived in Nazareth, and that John the Baptist was born in Judea, this How Stuff Works quiz might just be for you.

Some locations referenced in this quiz are a mystery to modern-day historians in that they are said to have existed, but historians are not exactly where. Other locations are easily identifiable as places that exist today, either under their Biblical name or under a modern name. For instance, we know that Jerusalem still exists, but where the heck did the Ark actually come to rest? We'll let the scholars and the historians battle over the historical placement and validity of each of these locations; we're just focused on how they played a role in the stories of the Bible.

Think you can ace this quiz? Let's get started.

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