Can You Name These British Food Dishes?

Elizabeth Lavis

This satisfying fave is a pub classic. What is it?

Fish and chips is the ultimate classic British pub dish that combines light and crispy fried fish with a heaping pile of chips. It's a fabulous and delicious end to a fun night out.

Which sweet and light dessert is a summertime fave?

Strawberries and cream is a classic dish, and it often signals the start of summertime in the United Kingdom. Fresh, sweet strawberries mingle with heavy cream for this simple classic.

Who knows the name of this fancy dinner?

The Roast dinner is a beloved dish on tables all across the land. It is the ultimate comfort food; a slice of perfectly cooked roast paired with vegetables and plenty of rich brown gravy.

This classic dessert combines shortbread, jam, almonds and icing into a fabulous dessert. What is it?

Bakewell tarts hail from Derbyshire and are known for being tea-time treats in the region. The flavors might change slightly, but the basic perfection of the Bakewell tart lies in the winning combination of shortbread, jam and a light touch of almond.

Which tea-time favorite is even more delicious when slathered in jam and cream?

Scones are amazing little biscuits that are as versatile as they are delicious. They can be enjoyed hot or cold, covered in jam and cream or eaten alone. Every family has their recipe for the perfect scone.

Who knows what buttery biscuit is a kitchen staple?

Shortbread is made of the simple but delicious combination of sugar, oat flour and butter. It can be the base of a whole host of yummy flavors or shine all on its own as a dessert or snack.

This dish is an acquired taste, but those who love it swear by it! What is it?

Haggis is the combination of sheep organs with secret spices, onion and oatmeal, cooked to perfection in a sheep's stomach. The result is a flavorful, meaty pudding that has won the hearts of Scotsmen for generations.

A late-night fave, this sandwich proves that simpler dishes are often the best ones. What is it?

The humble bacon sandwich is one of the most delicious foods that ever came out of the United Kingdom. It is simple; crispy bacon, hot buttered bread and the lightest touch of brown sauce. Perfection!

Who knows the name of this decadent sweet treat?

Sticky toffee pudding is a dessert that is near and dear to every British heart. A flavorful sponge cake is liberally drizzled with warm toffee sauce. It can even be served alongside premium vanilla ice-cream.

What local comfort food classic is pictured here?

Lancashire hotpot combines the humble ingredients of mutton, onion and potatoes in a glorious comfort food dish. The key is to cook them all low and slow, so the flavors mingle. Delicious!

This roast dinner companion is as British as you can get. What is it?

Yorkshire pudding is an amazing companion to a traditional roast dinner. It's made of eggs, flour, milk and a few drippings from the roast. Yorkshire puddings are great for sopping up gravy or slathered in butter.

It's a treat from the sea that's been a local staple for generations. What is it?

Jellied eels might not sound totally appealing to the average person, but this dish has been a long-time staple of our cuisine for a reason! It's eaten cold with just a light squeeze of lemon.

What comfort food classic combines gooey cheese and toasted bread?

Welsh Rarebit hails from Wales, but it is enjoyed all over the United Kingdom. It is a delectable combination of cheese over hot toasted bread. It is so simple, yet so delicious.

It's a deep-fried sausage wrapped hard boiled egg. Who knows the name of this pub classic?

Every pub in the United Kingdom has its own version of the Scotch egg. Hard-boiled eggs are coated in sausage, sprinkled liberally with breadcrumbs and deep-fried to perfection. The result is a salty, delicious snack.

Leftover veggies make up this comfort food classic. What is it?

Bubble and squeak is a yummy way to use up all of the leftover veggies from a roast dinner. It's traditionally made of potatoes and cabbage; but you can add meat, peas, carrots or any other vegetable to the mix.

This savory pie is often served cold and makes a great lunch. What is it?

A pork pie is a staple of local lunches, and one of the most beloved foods in the United Kingdom. It's comprised of minced pork and suet surrounded by a flaky crust. This dense pie is best served cold.

This exceptional dinner dish will certainly wow any guests. What is it?

Beef Wellington is one of those dishes that you whip up when you want to pull out the big guns and really impress your company. The combination of flaky pastry, beef and mushrooms is divine!

What sweet and dense dessert is the ultimate winter fave?

Bread pudding is a dense mixture of pieces of bread, eggs and heavy cream or milk. It's flavored with spices, spiked with raisins and other fruits and generally served warm with a sweet glaze.

Who knows the name of a fabulous combo of strawberries, meringue and cream?

Eton mess hails from the late 1800s and is a dreamy combination of strawberries, heavy cream and meringue all stirred together into a delicious 'mess' that is decadent, flavorful and intensely popular.

This traditional Easter food is a sweet treat spiked with raisins. What is it?

Hot cross buns are both spicy and sweet, full of raisins and currents. They are topped with a cross made out of icing and served piping hot, traditionally on Good Friday.

A traditional British dish, this comfort food makes a quick and yummy supper. Who knows what it's called?

Bangers and mash is the comfort food favorite that combines creamy mashed potatoes with traditional onion gravy and bangers, which are traditional pork, beef or lamb sausages from the United Kingdom.

Who knows the name of this light cake that is simply bursting with flavor?

Victoria sponge cake combines two buttery and flavorful sponge cakes with a thick layer of jam in the middle. The result is a bright fruity burst in every bite of velvety sponge cake.

This traditional beverage has unique floral flavors. What is it?

Earl Grey tea gets its signature flavor from bergamot and has a mildly floral and citrus flavor. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, and is even used to infuse into desserts in the United Kingdom.

It's the ultimate comfort food on a cold day. Who knows the name of this iconic savory casserole?

Shepherd's pie is also known as 'cottage pie' and everyone's recipe is different. Most shepherd's pies are composed of ground meat, vegetables, delicious gravy and a potato crust that may or may not be sprinkled with cheese.

Move over grilled cheese! These sandwiches take it to the next level. What are they?

Toasties are lovely pockets of deliciousness that are totally portable. They can be filled with anything under the sun and toasted to perfection for a cravable snack.

This comfort food is a street stall specialty. What is it?

Everyone knows that curry is the ultimate iconic dish that is served in street stalls all over the United Kingdom. It's spicy, flavorful and totally amazing — the perfect dish on a rainy day.

Who knows the name of this iconic pie that is the perfect compliment to a snowy night by the fire?

Steak and kidney pie is an iconic dish that is comprised of flavorful chunks of beef, kidney, browned onions and gravy, all wrapped up in a flaky and buttery crust for a delicious and filling dish.

Orange and chocolate are the perfect pair in this classic snack. What is it?

Jaffa cakes are an amazing combination of genoise sponge cakes slathered with orange jam and coated in chocolate. The flavor profile is unexpected and refreshing, making these cakes a true favorite.

Who knows the name of these handheld pastries?

Everyone knows that pasties make the perfect snack. These little beauties can be filled with just about any savory or sweet filling you can imagine and are totally portable and tasty.

This quirky pie is a Cornish favorite and a true British treat. What is it?

Stargazy pie is a dish that features pilchards; small fish that are indigenous to the United Kingdom. The fish are positioned so that they are sticking up through the crust and staring upwards, hence the name!

What typical topping makes the perfect pairing for a scone hot out of the oven?

Clotted cream might sound unappealing, but it is a delicious condiment made out of whole milk that has been heated slowly. It's a creamy, delicious mixture that is perfect for afternoon tea.

This traditional dessert is a holiday favorite. What is it?

Trifles come in all shapes and sizes, but they all contain the same basic ingredients. Sponge cake is soaked in liquor and then topped with whipped cream and fruit. The process is duplicated until the trifle has several glorious layers.

Who knows the name of this popular banana and caramel treat?

Banoffee pie is a United Kingdom specialty and is a decadent combination of cream, toffee and bananas. The winning combination has made this sweet pie a true favorite for generations.

This dish takes Yorkshire pudding to the next level. What is it called?

A toad in the hole is created when you bake sausages into your Yorkshire pudding. The result is a doughy, meaty dish that only gets better with the liberal addition of hot onion gravy.

This simple soup can warm up any winter day. What is it?

Potato leek soup is one of those dishes that just comes together so beautifully. It's garlicky, hearty and chock-full of potatoes and leeks. Add a little crusty bread, and this dish is a winner.

They are a cousin of scones and a breakfast favorite. What are they called?

Welsh cakes are similar to scones, but their preparation is slightly different. Instead of baked in an oven, they are cooked on a grill. Crispy, doughy and full of raisins and other fruits, Welsh cakes are the best!

What's the name for the traditional breakfast featuring baked beans, tomatoes, sausage, mushrooms and toast?

The full English Breakfast is a thing of beauty. It's full of stick-to-your-ribs ingredients like perfectly toasted bread, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, hearty baked beans and sausage.

Which humble dish gives you a boost of protein and carbs in one bite?

Baked beans on toast is an iconic dish that is easy to prepare and fills you up in a matter of moments. Almost everyone has a nostalgic soft spot for this simple yet filling classic!

An underrated vegetable makes its debut in this dish. What is it called?

Rhubarb crumble is a classic British dessert that combines tart rhubarb with sugar and vanilla and coats it with a crumbly crust that bakes up beautifully. The result is flavorful and sweet.

This breakfast staple is an acquired taste, but many of us swear by it. Who knows what it's called?

The starring ingredient of black pudding is blood, which gives the dish a spicy and flavorful finish. This sausage is a true classic and a fantastic addition to any traditional breakfast.

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French food might get all of the culinary accolades, but anyone who doesn't think that British food deserves a seat at the table of food culture giants is sorely mistaken! From velvety and rich steak and kidney pie to delicately balanced banoffee pie, some of the best dishes on the planet have their roots in the United Kingdom. Even simple dishes like scones and shortbread are bursting with buttery flavor and loaded with carby goodness. We would slowly back away from anyone who would prefer a plate of moules-frites over an old-fashioned English full breakfast.

The reason why our native land is such a titan when it comes to producing amazing cuisine is that it is both an island nation and a haven for tasty land-roaming animals. Many of the best local dishes feature ingredients that were freshly pulled out of the ocean, or recently wandering through the fields. The secret to fantastic cuisine is the use of fresh ingredients and tried-and-true preparations. We don't need to rely on fancy tricks or techniques. When you're the best, you don't need to show off like that! 

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