Quiz: Can You Name These Celebrities Who Appeared on "The Love Boat?"
Can You Name These Celebrities Who Appeared on "The Love Boat?"
By: Allison Lips
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About This Quiz

ABC aired The Love Boat from May 5, 1977 to May 25, 1986. Every season, The Pacific Princess set sail for a new location between 25 and 30 times. Over the course of 249 episodes and specials, The Pacific Princess hosted a seemingly endless parade of celebrity guest stars. If someone was famous in the '80s, chances are they sojourned at least once on The Pacific Princess. If they enjoyed the ride, they may have appeared repeatedly as different characters. 

During The Love Boat's nine seasons, Captain Merrill Stubing, Dr. Adam Bricker, Bartender Issac Washington, Ship's Purser Gopher and Cruise Director Julie McCoy were tasked with making sure their guests were enjoying their stay aboard The Pacific Princess. Some of the celebrities who visited the crew were Heather Locklear, Tori Spelling, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eva Gabor, The Temptations, Gloria Vanderbilt, Bob Denver and Morgan Fairchild. 

A large number of celebrities appeared on The Love Boat. Can you name them all? Do you know who played multiple characters? What about those celebrities who guest starred as themselves or a character from another show? Or those who appeared on the show with their real-life spouse? Test your knowledge of The Pacific Princess's guests with this quiz! 

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Which former Miss America appeared in the episode "My Stepmother, Myself/Almost Roommates/Cornerback Sneak?"
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Which "Halloween" scream queen sailed on the Pacific Princess for one episode?
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Which golden girl appeared on "The Love Boat" with her husband?
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Which "The Brady Bunch" actress appeared multiple times as Annabelle Folker on "The Love Boat?"
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Which Jackson family member appeared as Delia Parks in two episodes?
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Which artist appeared as himself?
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Which songwriter and "Growing Pains" star appeared as Robert McBride?
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Which member of Congress appeared on 5 episodes?
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Which Academy Award-winning actor appeared as Rick Martin?
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Which "Whose the Boss?" actor guest starred on 2 episodes in 1983?
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Which comedian known for her red carpet commentary guest starred on a 1983 episode?
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Which "Batman" actor appeared as Bob Williams on a 1983 episode?
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Which wrestler appeared as himself on "Miss Mom/Who's the Champ/Gopher's Delusion?"
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Which "Singin' in the Rain" actor guest starred on two episodes in 1984?
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Which one of the Osmonds appeared as Danny Fields and Jim Markham?
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Which one of "Hogan's Heroes" portrayed Bert Buchanan?
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Which game show host appeared with his wife as a couple?
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Which "Get Smart" actor appeared on "The Love Boat" as William Robinson and Sidney Williams?
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Which "Tonight Show" host appeared as himself and as Durwood Moss?
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Which "Cheers" actress portrayed Marion Stevens in a 1983 episode?
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Which "WKRP in Cincinnati" actress appeared on 4 episodes?
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Which "The Addams Family Actor" played both David P. Crothers and Michael Sawyer?
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Which "Gilligan's Island" actor appeared as Mr. Landers on a 1981 episode?
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Which TV legend appeared on "The Love Boat" as six different cahracters?
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Which "Happy Days" actor appeared on five episodes from 1982 to 1987?
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Which "Diff'rent Strokes" actor guest stared as Michael Jr. on a 1978 episode?
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Which psychology writer appeared as Mrs. Magwich on one episode of "The Love Boat?"
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Which "Star Trek" actor made one appearance as Darnell Hall?
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Which member of The Partridge Family guest starred as Ted Harmes in 1980?
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Which Spanish actress appeared multiple times as April Lopez?
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Which "Friends" actress guest starred as Carol for one episode?
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Which "Soap" actor guest starred on the "Mike and Ike/ The Witness/ The Kissing Bandit" episode?
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Which original "Saturday Night Live" cast member played Regina Parker?
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Which "M*A*S*H" actor played Inspector Akmed Sadu of Interpol in two 1982 episodes?
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Which "The Love Bug" actor guest starred in a 1979 episode and a 1981 episode as two different characters?
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Which "Baywatch" actor guest starred as Brian Kiley in a 1981 episode?
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Which "The Odd Couple" star appeared as Mel Davis in two 1985 episodes?
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Which soap opera legend appeared as Paula Hastings in a 1982 episode?
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Which golden girl appeared in six episodes of "The Love Boat?"
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Which Canadian actor appeared three times, each time playing a different character?
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