Can You Name These Celebrities Who Appeared on "The Love Boat?"

By: Allison Lips

Vanessa Williams' character on "The Love Boat" was named Pearl. "My Stepmother, Myself/Almost Roommates/Cornerback Sneak?" aired in 1986.

Jaime Lee Curtis appeared in episode 9 of season 2. The episode was called "Till Death Do Us Part-Maybe/Locked Away/Chubs."

Betty White appeared on 5 episodes of "The Love Boat." She played Besty Boucher in four episodes and Louise Willis in one.

Florence Henderson appeared on 10 episodes. She played Carol Brady in "Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?" Her other characters include Audrey Baynes, Diane DiMarzo, Christine Frank and Irene Patton.

Janet Jackson appeared on "The Love Boat" in 1985. Her character was featured in both parts of "Scandinavia Cruise: Girl of the Midnight Sun/There'll Be Some Changes Made/Too Many Isaacs/Mr Smith Goes to Stockholm."

The episode Andy Warhol guest starred on an episode originally aired on October 12, 1985. Other guest stars included: Andy Griffith, Cloris Leachman, Tom Bosley and Marion Ross.

Alan Thicke appeared as Robert McBride, Sen. Bob Townsend and Alan Price. His episodes aired in 1984, 1986 and 1987, respectively.

Sonny Bono first appeared on "The Love Boat" in 1979 as Harold Nash. His last appearance was on "Pride of the Pacific/The Viking's Son/Separate Vacations/The Experiment/Getting to Know You: Part 2." The latter episode aired in 1982.

Tom Hanks guest starred on "Friends and Lovers/ Sergeant Bull/Miss Mother" with Doris Roberts and Nipsey Russell. The episode aired on October 25, 1980.

Tony Danza appeared on the two-part episode "Japan: Cruise: When Worlds Collide/The Captain and the Geisha/The Lottery Winners/The Emperor's Fortune." Other guests stars on this episode were Rita Moreno, Ted Knight, John Ritter, and Harvey Korman.

Joan Rivers appeared as Allison Newman. Her episode was called "Gopher's Daisy/Our Son, the Lawyer/Salvaged Romance." Other guest stars were Doris Roberts and Adam Arkin.

Adam West guest stared on "Doc's Big Case/ Senior Sinners/ A Booming Romance." The show originally aired on January 22, 1983. Alan Young also appeared on the episode.

Hulk Hogan's episode aired on February 1, 1986. Other guest stars included Jennifer Holmes and Ellen Bry.

Gene Kelly portrayed Charles Dane on "Hong Kong Cruise: Polly's Poker Palace/Shop Ahoy/Double Date/The Hong Kong Affair/Two Tails of a City." Other guest stars were Donna Reed and Lee Majors.

Donny Osmond appeared on 3 episodes. Two aired in 1980. The last one, The Christmas Presence, aired in 1982.

Bert Buchanan appeared in "A Time For Everything/The Song Is Ended/Accidental Cruise/ Anousha." Besides Richard Dawson, guest stars featured included Soupy Sales, Jo Anne Worley, Loretta Swit and Robert Goulet.

Allen Ludden guest starred with Loni Anderson, Betty White and The Village People on "The Horse Lover/ Secretary to the Stars/ Julie's Decision/ Gopher and Isaac Buy a Horse/ The Village People Ride Again." The episode aired on November 22, 1980.

Don Adams also appeared as Sam Corey, Walter Love and Lenny Camen. In total, he guest starred in 5 episodes.

In "Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?," Steve Allen guest starred with his wife Jayne Meadows. Other guest stars were Charo, Bert Convy, Marion Ross, Tina Louise, Tom Poston, Louis Nye and Carol Channing.

Kirstie Alley appeared in "The World's Greatest Kisser/ Don't Take My Wife, Please/ The Reluctant Father." The episode originally aired on November 26, 1983.

Loni Anderson appeared as three different characters from 1977 to 1980. They were Barbie, Kitty Scofield and Kim Holland/Doris Wilson.

John Astin portrayed David P. Crothers on parts one and two of "Marooned/The Search/Isaac's Holiday" and both parts of "Egyptian Cruise."

Jim Backus' other appearance was in 1978 as Mr. Marvin Waterman. That episode was called "A Very Special Girl/Until the Last Goodbye/The Inspector."

Milton Berle's first appearance was as Cyril Wolfe in a 1977 episode. His last was in 1985 as Lionel Cooper.

On "The Love Boat," Tom Bosley played Harry Meacham, Herbert Chandler, George Hammond and Howard Pfister. He made his series debut in the two-part episode "Pride of the Pacific/ The Viking's Son/ Separate Vacations/ The Experiment/ Getting to Know You."

Todd Bridges made his only appearance in "Mike and Ike/ The Witness/ The Kissing Bandit." Other guest stars were Pat Carroll, Billy Crystal, Robert Reed, and Toni Tennille.

Dr. Joyce Brothers appeared in "Best of Friends/ Aftermath/ Dream Boat." Other guests starts on that episode are Ben Murphy and Richard Anderson.

LeVar Burton guest starred in "The Lady and the Maid/ Love is Blind/ The Babymakers." The episode originally aired on March 3, 1984.

Ted Harmes was featured in "Target Gopher/ The Major's Wife/ Strange Honeymoon/ The Oilman Cometh." David Cassidy guest starred with Pat Harrington, Al Corley, Mike Pinter and Jo Ann Pflug.

Charo appeared in 10 episodes. Nine of her appearances were as April Lopez. Her other character was Lupe Zapata De Vega Valdez.

In 1985, Courteney Cox appeared in "Daredevil/ Picture Me a Spy/ Sleeper." Other guest stars were Peter Scolari, Alan Thicke and Yakov Smirnoff.

Billy Crystal's episode originally aired on October 21, 1979. It was the sixth episode of the second season.

The episode Jane Curtin guest starred in first aired on November 26, 1977. She appeared with Gary Burghoff, Joanna Kerns and Phil Silvers.

In his first appearance, Jamie Farr appeared as Seymour. His last appearance was as Art Fuller in "Youth Takes a Holiday/ Don't Leave Home Without It/ Prisoner of Love."

Buddy Hackett's two episodes are "Going My Way/ Dance with Me/ Doc, Be Patient" and "The Lady from Laramie/ Vicki Swings/ Phantom Bride." In the former, he played Mickey Greenbaum. In the latter, Hackett portrayed Julian Garfield.

David Hasselhoff also guest starred on a 1980 episode as Tom Bell. His two episodes were called "Invisible Maniac/ September Song/ Peekaboo" and "Isaac and the Mermaids/ Humpty, Dumpty/ Aquaphobic."

Jack Klugman appeared as Mel Davis on the two-part episode "Girl of the Midnight Sun/ There'll Be Some Changes Made/ Too Many Isaacs/ Mr. Smith Goes to Stockholm (Scandinavia Cruise). Both parts originally aired on February 2, 1985.

Susan Lucci appeared on the November 6, 1982 episode. Other celebrities on this episode were Elaine Joyce, Jerry Van Dyke, Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie.

Rue McClanahan first appeared on "The Love Boat" in 1978. She played April Dunlevy. Her last appearance was in 1984 as Cheryl Enicker.

Leslie Nielsen appeared as Russ Blanchard, Dan Michaels and Hank Hardaway. He guest starred twice in the first season and once in the second.

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About This Quiz

ABC aired The Love Boat from May 5, 1977 to May 25, 1986. Every season, The Pacific Princess set sail for a new location between 25 and 30 times. Over the course of 249 episodes and specials, The Pacific Princess hosted a seemingly endless parade of celebrity guest stars. If someone was famous in the '80s, chances are they sojourned at least once on The Pacific Princess. If they enjoyed the ride, they may have appeared repeatedly as different characters. 

During The Love Boat's nine seasons, Captain Merrill Stubing, Dr. Adam Bricker, Bartender Issac Washington, Ship's Purser Gopher and Cruise Director Julie McCoy were tasked with making sure their guests were enjoying their stay aboard The Pacific Princess. Some of the celebrities who visited the crew were Heather Locklear, Tori Spelling, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eva Gabor, The Temptations, Gloria Vanderbilt, Bob Denver and Morgan Fairchild. 

A large number of celebrities appeared on The Love Boat. Can you name them all? Do you know who played multiple characters? What about those celebrities who guest starred as themselves or a character from another show? Or those who appeared on the show with their real-life spouse? Test your knowledge of The Pacific Princess's guests with this quiz! 

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