Quiz: Can You Name These Characters from "The Walking Dead"?
Can You Name These Characters from "The Walking Dead"?
By: Lenore Brown
Image: AMC

About This Quiz

Are you a "Walking Dead" superfan? Have you watched every episode of the show... twice? Then take this quiz to find out how well you really know the characters of the show.

In case you missed it, "The Walking Dead" is one of the most popular shows on television. We're assuming that you navigated to this quiz because you're one who has his/her popcorn and soda ready well in advance of the show so that you don't miss even one second. We could call this quiz, who died on "The Walking Dead" because goodness knows, even some of our most favorite characters have been killed off on the show, but we've decided to mix in some of the still living characters as well.

Hey, speaking of "The Walking Dead," have you heard of the theory that the entire show is just a dream Rick has while he's in the hospital in a coma after being shot? Do you think the show's producers would stoop so low as to recreate the old Dallas trick of "it was all just a dream?" Or do you think it's all really a depiction of the zombie apocalypse? What's your theory?

Can you ace this "Walking Dead" characters quiz? Let's get started to find out.

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